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Brand Guidelines

Brand Messaging

Defining a brand is much more than assembling a collection of logos, savvy slogans, and catchy tag lines. A brand — specifically the Centre brand — is deeply rooted in the personal. It’s the definition of everything we represent and a reflection of all we say and do. It’s what Centre stands for that sets us apart.

Establishing and consistently communicating a well-defined brand helps others easily connect the Centre name with quality and credibility and articulates what makes the Centre Experience so special. Ultimately, it reinforces our earned reputation as a national leader in liberal arts education and as a place to expect the extraordinary.

Brand Messaging Guide

Visual Identity

The Visual Identity guidelines are part of an integrated communications program created to ensure consistency and uniformity across all of Centre College’s many media. The College strives to maintain a consistent visual identity as a way of communicating the institution’s strength and integrity. A unified approach to graphics fosters a strong, consistent institutional image for both internal and external audiences. The success of any identity program depends on the cooperation of all members of the College community.

These guidelines have been prepared to ensure the success of our visual identity through consistency of use. If questions regarding usage arise, please contact the Centre College Communications Office.

Visual Identity Guide
Visual Identity Downloads
Website Style Guide

THE CREATION OF A NEW LOGO OR WORD MARK IS PROHIBITED. Offices, departments, programs, special committees, clubs, or organizations may occasionally desire a logo or graphic identify that differs from Centre College’s existing brand identity. However, building brand-name recognition is difficult; therefore, other logos, word marks, or graphic elements may add to name confusion and ultimately dilute Centre’s brand. A unified approach that fosters a strong, consistent institutional image for both internal and external audiences is important and provides recognition that an department or organization is part of the College.

A graphic mark may be developed for a broad institutional goal, such as a capital campaign. This is approved on a case-by-case basis however, and is done at the discretion of the communications office.

If you wish to incorporate the Centre logo with the name of your offices, departments, program, club, or organization for your use, please contact the Communications Office.