Top 10 Reasons Not to Consider Centre College

This is the time of year when many students are making decisions about colleges and universities. We hope you will look seriously at Centre, but knowing that deciding among more than 4,000 institutions can be difficult, we offer the following list to clarify what our college has to offer.
10. You plan to spend five or six years earning your degree. The odds are against you—97 percent of students who graduate from Centre complete their degree in four years.
9. You enjoy gambling on your education.Centre encourages students to take risks, but not on their education. In fact, we guarantee that students who meet the College’s academic and social expectations can do an internship, study abroad, and graduate in four years–or we provide up to a year of additional study tuition-free. That’s the Centre Commitment.
8. You’re more interested in being a follower than a leader. We provide such a range of leadership opportunities—from clubs to service organizations to formal leadership programs—that could be difficult to avoid over four years.
7. You prefer a cookie-cutter curriculum.Not available here. From opportunities to do original research with professors to the creative courses of CentreTerm, we offer a personally tailored education that makes the most of every student’s individual interests and abilities.
6. You’re determined never to set foot outside the United States. Too bad, since Centre could be your passport to, well, a passport. (In fact, if you don’t have a passport, we’ll provide one—free of charge!) If you come to a school that has one of the top-5 foreign study programs in the country, you—like most Centre students—might find yourself studying virtually anywhere in the world (for practically the same cost as studying at the Danville campus).
5. Earning two majors or designing your own major seems overly ambitious. You’d run the risk of having your ambitions stretched. Centre students regularly complete two majors in four years or design their own majors.
4. You have your heart set on a few leisurely years of unemployment after graduation. Unlikely. Within 10 months of graduation, 98 percent of surveyed alums are employed or engaged in advanced study.
3. The thought of receiving a post-graduate scholarship depresses you. This place could really get you down. Our students regularly win the world’s most prestigious national awards—Rhodes, Fulbright, and Rotary, for example.
2. You’re compelled to avoid famous people. You’d be trapped in your room most of the time. From movie and television producer Jerry Bruckheimer to Vice President Joe Biden to the world’s most acclaimed performers, Centre has a steady stream of internationally known campus visitors.
1. You have a fear of success. Centre could be your worst nightmare. Our personal approach to education enables students to achieve success that can only be described as extraordinary. After graduation, they feel so good about the success Centre enabled them to achieve, they lead the nation in loyalty (over the past 25 years) in their rate of providing financial support.
On the other hand, if you want a personal education that will expose you to the world (guaranteed) and prepare you for extraordinary success, we hope you will consider Centre. Schedule a campus visit to learn more about us in person.

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