Travel Journal #1 – Falling in Love

Anne Evans holding flagLondon. Is. Awesome.
Before my roommate, Leah, and I even stepped out of Kings Cross Station, we knew we were already falling in love with this city. It may be crowded, there may be cars whizzing by you from the left instead of from the right, and the roads may not be in grid formation and therefore may be somewhat confusing at first…but there is something about this city that just makes you fall in love with it. Maybe it’s the energy that pulses through the city from the constant hubbub of the people, the classic London taxis and red double-decker buses, and the Underground. Or maybe it’s the realization that so many of these buildings have an incredibly rich history, histories that date back to centuries before the United States was even declared to be a country. But perhaps it’s the eclectic culture here that really makes you love it, the people walking around wearing anything and everything, from pink hair to black hair, and classic-looks to neon-only. Something about London just pulls you in.London cityscape
And we’ve only just begun our adventures in London.
On a slightly different note, Leah’s and my adventures together began about a week before the London program started. We met in Rodez, France to visit a good friend and recent Centre graduate, Laura Beth Griffith ’10, who is currently teaching English in France. It was an incredible, incredible visit. Laura Beth’s French was stellar and seeing a small town in France was awesome! Leah and I arrived in London a couple of days before the rest of the group and stayed in a hostel close to Nido Kings Cross, where we are staying for the term. On our first night in London, we met up with another friend from Centre who arrived in London early, and headed out to find a bite to eat. We went to Piccadilly Circus and made a beeline for a restaurant that looked promising. I went for the fish & chips — a London classic, right?
Well, I was up at 2 a.m. the following morning with food poisoning. A joyous occasion, of course. While I’m sure that most fish & chip dishes are lovely, I’m afraid that I’ll never have another plate. But hey — I gave it a shot.
Falling in love with this city.
by Anne Evans ’12, currently participating in the Centre-in-London study abroad program. Learn more about study abroad in England.
PHOTOS: On the Tube with all of my luggage, tired from traveling and feeling unwashed, but incredibly excited all the same (top of page). The view from the window of our efficiency flat — just beyond the cranes is Kings Cross Station, a five-minute walk from Nido Student Living (above right).

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