Travel Journal #1 – New Beginnings

Julie & familyIt hit me two weeks ago. It was my last day of work, and it was bittersweet — more so than I expected. From that point, I started to notice lots of other “lasts” — things I’d do for the last time before living in Scotland for four months. The last time I’d visit Centre College, watch my favorite TV show, hang out with my friends and hug my family. For four months I wouldn’t drive a car. The last time I’d go shopping with my brother, visit my grandma or go to church with my family. The last time I’d go on a picnic with my boyfriend or laugh with my friends. During my last drive to Centre, I realized the beauty that I had missed every time I had driven there before — the cows on the side of the road, the rolling hills, and the cute little houses.
I thought about all of this quite a bit and realized that my attitude needed an adjustment. A week ago, I started to think about all the things that I’d be doing for the first time. I’ll get the first stamp on my passport. I’ll pack my entire life into two suitcases and go to a place that I’ve never been. I’ll meet hundreds of new people from countries that I’ve never visited. I’ll have the opportunity to start fresh — with no preconceived notions, no judgments — and be myself. I’ll be 5,000 miles from everyone and everything that I know and love. I’ll be a part of the first group of Centre students to study abroad in Glasgow, paving the way for future students. For the first time, I’ll be completely on my own.
When I shifted my attitude, my entire outlook changed. Instead of thinking about the things that I was missing out on, I began to focus on the tremendous opportunity that’s ahead of me. Sure, I’ll miss my family and friends — they are absolutely irreplaceable. But I now know that I’ll come back from Glasgow a different person. It starts here — the journey that I’ve wanted to take for so long is finally upon me.
And I can’t wait to make the most of it.
by Julie Springate ’14, currently participating in the Centre-in-Scotland study abroad program. Learn more about study abroad in Scotland.
PHOTO: Saying goodbye to my mom and brother at the Louisville airport.

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