Travel Journal #3 – The British Museum

The British MuseumWe’re headed into our third week of studying abroad in London, and that simply blows my mind! It feels as if we’ve been here just a matter of days, but at the same time it seems we’ve been here for months. I’m somewhat less confused when I see people driving on the left side of the road, I feel really comfortable navigating the Underground (though not the bus system yet), and I’ve started to develop a bit of a routine, which is absolutely wonderful.mummified cats
One of the things that has become a part of that routine is going to the British Museum on Mondays and Thursdays between classes. There’s a three-hour gap between my economics class and my theatre class, and there have been a couple of days where that has been the perfect time to get homework done. But I’ve realized that I’d rather go outside during that time, and usually my feet take me to the British Museum. My first couple of visits were pretty short, and honestly, I looked around the gift shop — I have my eye on a really cool Rosetta Stone water bottle. I also did some people watching, which is one of my favorite things to do. But as of last week, I decided that I’d love to go through the entire British Museum before the term ends.
The British Museum breaks down their massive collection into different color-coded sections on the maps that are available for visitors; each color designates a certain civilization. I’ve made it through the yellow section which is Egypt. It took me a few visits to get this far since the Egyptian dynasties existed for thousands and thousands of years — an incredibly rich history. Mummies, ancient hieroglyphics, and dolls carved from ivory that date back to 4000 BCE are just some things to see and learn about between classes during your typical weekday here in the Centre-in-London program. Yeah, it’s a crazy thought. And I feel incredibly lucky to be given the chance to be able to even utter that sentence. To have time to leisurely go through something as magnificent as the British Museum is extraordinary. What an opportunity!
by Anne Evans ’12, currently participating in the Centre-in-London study abroad program. Learn more about study abroad in England.
PHOTOS (top to bottom): Inside the British Museum, and mummified cats.

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