"Tuition-Free Week" on campus highlights generosity of donors

Fund the FlameThe nation’s happiest graduates have a strong history of giving back to their alma mater, Centre College, in extraordinary ways. Leading the nation for the past three decades with their annual support of the College, loyal Centre alumni offer a solid endorsement of graduate satisfaction and—through their gifts—trusted assurance of the Centre experience for generations to come.
A new initiative at the College, called “Tuition-Free Week,” aims to bring attention to the generosity of financial donors. More than 100 yellow bows and gift tags are currently featured across campus highlighting Centre facilities and points of interest that were made possible by the donations of alumni, parents and friends of the College.
Bow-decorated landmarks include various fraternity and sorority houses, the Flame, Crounse Hall, laboratories and classrooms, and even trees planted by First Lady Susie Roush.
The week of March 9-13 was selected as the time to celebrate donors for a very specific reason, said Krista Rinehart, assistant director of annual giving.
“We are three-quarters of the way through the school year,” Rinehart said, “and tuition and fees only cover 75 percent of the Centre experience. Private gifts support the remaining 25 percent of costs. The rest of the year would not happen without those private gifts.”
Caroline Anderegg ’15 said she appreciates Tuition-Free Week, because it serves as a reminder to her and other students about the importance of giving back to the College.
“I don’t think many students realize the extent to which we are supported by generous alumni and friends of Centre,” Anderegg explained. “This week does a wonderful job of emphasizing the culture of generosity and support that is nurtured among undergrads and our alumni network.”
The visual recognition of the generosity of others can also inspire current students to give back in the future.
“It will be my privilege to join, in just a few months, the ranks of donors that give back to their alma mater year after year,” Thomas Becker ’15 said. “We simply would not be here without the generosity of those faithful to our College.
“I think it just goes to demonstrate the deep sense of loyalty that the Centre experience inspires long after graduation,” he added.
As an extension of this effort, the College will host its second annual Fund the Flame challenge, a one-day fundraising event, on Tuesday, March 17. This year’s goal is to secure 750 gifts in order to receive a challenge gift of $150,000 from an anonymous donor.
by Anne Evans

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