Two students named MVPs in 2011 Phonathon season

Seniors Cortney Miller and Roxy Lewis have spent many hours on the phone during their years at Centre, and on March 30, they were honored for having done so. As the two 2011 recipients of the alumni office’s “Outstanding Contribution to Centre Phonathon Prize,” the students were rewarded for having dedicated hundreds of hours to raising money for the College.
“The Outstanding Contribution to Centre Phonathon Prize was established in 2010 to award student callers whose overall contribution to the program has been exceptional,” says James Barnard, assistant director of annual giving. “The formula used to measure contribution takes into account time committed to the program, the number of pledges and number of gifts received and the total dollars raised. Essentially, the prize is awarded to a caller or callers whose overall statistics are outstanding.”
The first recipient of the award was Trisha Cole ’10, and this year, two more students are being honored.
Miller began working as a Phonathon student caller before she was even a Centre student. As a high school senior living in Danville, she volunteered to make calls to raise money for the College, and she hasn’t stopped since. She served as a student caller for seven seasons and served one as a shift leader.
In her Phonathon career, Miller has raised nearly $100,000 from more than 750 donors.
“My favorite thing about being a student caller is making connections with the alumni, whether they’ve graduated five years ago or 50,” Miller says. “It’s so great to talk to someone else who loves Centre and to hear the amazing experiences they’ve had, both on campus and beyond, thanks to their education here. For such a small school, Centre has a powerful and passionate alumni network, and I love being reminded of that when I pick up the phone.”
Louisville native Lewis has been a caller since her freshman year and has never missed a season of calling. In eight calling seasons, she has raised $117,603 from more than 800 donors. This number broke the previous caller record, held by Cole, of $116,848. Lewis has also served as a shift leader for three years, “where her contribution extends beyond reporting statistics,” Barnard says.
“I really enjoy talking with the alumni,” Lewis says. “They’re so eager to hear where you’re from, what you’re doing at Centre and your plans are for the future. It’s more than asking for gifts to the school—it’s a chance to connect to the past and future of Centre.”
“Both Roxy and Cortney will be sorely missed by the Phonathon team,” Barnard says, “along with the following seniors who are also leaving us this season: Ellie Barhorst, Katy Bender, Mariellen Boyle, Brittany Corrigan, Mary Kathryn Dilisio, Amy Dorsch, Kristen Dorsch, Sahar Haque, Sarah Jennings, Katie Lentz, Christine Nguyen, Christina Tammen and Abby Woehrle.”

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