Tyhgita Cespedes '15 gains experience in dance-based community outreach

Tyh Feature Image PSBringing the spirit of opportunity that Centre College embodies back to her hometown, Tyhgita Cespedes ’15 shared her love of dance with her community through a summer internship with the Dance Complex, a non-profit arts organization located in Boston.
The Dance Complex is dedicated to promoting artistic endeavors and education in dance and the movement arts in order to enhance the cultural opportunities available in the Boston area.
Cespedes was highly involved in coordinating a series of dance-based workshops that appealed to a wide audience, including dancers and non-dancers alike.
“The accessibility factor was very important to me,” explains Cespedes. “As president of Centre’s dance club, Moments in Motion, I work hard to make dance available to non-dancers to create stronger, more accepting and culturally educated communities, on and off campus.”
She networked with dance movement therapists and community outreach professionals to organize these programs, which were sponsored in part by the Massachusetts Area Dance Educators Organization.
Cespedes played an active role in successfully creating new opportunities for her community to better understand the value of dance, which she found most rewarding.
“This program was immensely meaningful to me because I got to work with people in the Boston community who were able to benefit from the experience of the dance professionals I worked hard to procure.”
In addition, Cespedes gained practical business and administrative skills that may prove to be very helpful in the future.
“I learned about arts administration in the non-profit sector of the dance world through hands-on experience with various artists: dancers, expressive therapists, choreographers, students, community members and more,” she says.
The internship also confirmed her post-graduate pursuits.
“I am now more certain than ever that I would like to go to Antioch University of New England to be an expressive therapist,”  Cespedes says. “There are countless options for me thereafter, but I hope to work as a dance instructor at the Dance Complex at some point in the future.”
by Caitlan Cole

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