Colleen Coyle ’19 presents paper at Kentucky Philosophical Association conference

Colleen CoyleThe work of Colleen Coyle ’19 was recently recognized by the Kentucky Philosophical Association.

Earlier this year, Coyle won an award for the best philosophy undergraduate paper in the state of Kentucky from the Kentucky Philosophical Association, which provided her the opportunity to present at the association’s regional conference at Eastern Kentucky University this past April. The title of her paper was “Examining Diotima’s Speech: The Misappropriation of Women’s Voices.”

“My presentation examined the ways that Plato appropriated the work of a fellow female philosopher and how that has impacted our understanding of gender roles in a modern society,” Coyle said.

“Essentially, I argue that men form masculine enclaves that women have to work to penetrate, and when they do, they are often undermined as inferior or weaker.”

Coyle’s paper was well received at the conference by the association leaders and the audience.

“It meant a lot to have a whole room of people sit and listen to something that I had written, especially considering that they all have far more extensive educations than me,” she continued. “It was an honor to have my writing recognized as something valuable, because I hadn’t recognized it myself.”

by Kerry Steinhofer
May 10, 2017

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