[VIDEO] Centre's Travis Gaines' life changing journey

Travis GainesCentre student Travis Gaines ’18 is an inspiring profile in courage, hope and resilience as he adjusts to life after a paralyzing diving accident.
This news feature originally appeared on WLEX-TV on May 2, 2016.


Three years ago a Dunbar baseball player was paralyzed in a diving accident on a trip with his team, but he wants everyone to know that the accident is far from the end of his story.
Travis Gaines is not just surviving after the accident that left him paralyzed, he is thriving.
“One second, you’re running around, next second you’re looking up in an ambulance,” Gaines described the accident to LEX 18’s Nancy Cox.
It happened in the waters of Florida and it changed Gaines’ body forever.
“They were asking me, ‘can you feel this?’ I couldn’t, so I said, ‘no,’” said Gaines.
With friends and family by his side and humor to help the pain, Travis Gaines put in a hard year of therapy.
He went to Louisville every day and slowly gained the strength to move on.
“Once you get it in your head that you can keep doing things, you just gotta do things differently,” said Gaines.
He says that losing baseball was one of the hardest parts of his accident. He was supposed to be on the team at Centre College.
His plan didn’t change completely though, a little more than a year after being paralyzed, he enrolled at Centre where he is now on the Dean’s List.
“If something bad happens, if you sulk about it, that’s just more time you’re losing if you sulk about it. You just gotta move on,” said Gaines.
Gaines’ older sister Megan was born with Spina Bifida and has been in a wheelchair her whole life.
“She gave me peace of mind knowing she can do all these things, so I do all these things. If I took the time to get better and learn how to do it,” said Gaines.
With a few modifications to a van, Travis got his freedom back and was able to drive.
“I just enjoyed being in control and being able to go places on my own,” he told LEX 18.
Gaines wants to thank all of the people who pulled for him, prayed for him and donated to the fund that helped modify his home and van so he could get around easier.
by Nancy Cox, LEX18 News Anchor/Reporter
May 2, 2016

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