[VIDEO] CentreTerm: Hot Glass with Stephen Powell


Professor of Art Stephen Powell, an internationally renown artist whose elaborately colored glass vessels are held in permanent collections throughout the world, has taught at Centre College since 1983. In contrast to his delicate, almost unworldly art, Powell is a hard-working, down-to-earth teacher. He puts in long hours in intense small-group instruction to insure that students master the technical aspects of hot glass. This CentreTerm, Powell is instructing students on the basics of the art.
He estimates that 95 percent of the students he teachers are not art majors, highlighting Centre’s strong liberal arts tradition. The course is also a chance for him to help students “open their minds.”
“It’s a chance for me to talk to them a little bit about art, different types of art,” Powell explained. “They learn to appreciate things that are abstract and even nonrepresentational, so I think it opens their minds to the world a bit.”
It is easy to see why so many students take Powell’s course and fall in love with hot glass.
“They’re drawn into it, because glass is such a unique medium,” Powell said. “They love the fire, the immediacy, the danger and the challenge of making glass, I think.”
by Centre College News
January 13, 2016

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