[VIDEO] Developing Global Citizenship in Rwanda and Uganda

Study Abroad in Uganda and Rwanda

In 2014, Centre College students travelled to Uganda and Rwanda, embarking on the College’s first study abroad trip in East Africa. The students partnered with the organization Good News International, and the impact of the trip was so great that they raised $10,000 once home to help support the group’s projects.
This CentreTerm, Assistant Professor of History Jon Earle, accompanied by Assistant Professor of Psychology Jennifer Goetz, led another study abroad trip to Uganda and Rwanda in which the students were able to see a local bakery that had been created through the money that the Centre students raised in 2014, with the profits returning back to Good News International to generate funds for the community.
Earle said such study abroad experiences teach the students important lessons and help to develop global citizenship.
“One of the things that I think is really important about developing partnerships in the context of study abroad in Rwanda between Centre College is allowing local communities to have a critical, significant role in defining what those relationships look like, and to really try to rethink study abroad, not necessarily as something that we can consume, something that we can consistently get out of this, but in terms of what can be given back and allowing local communities to be in control of those narratives and define the way in which those interactions are taking place.”
by Centre College News
February 19, 2016

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