[VIDEO] Exploring WWII: An oral history project


This Spring term, Assistant Professor of History Sara Egge is teaching an upper-level course, “America in the World Wars,” in which students conduct oral history interviews with World War II veterans. Egge says her vision is for the students “to be able to hear what it was like to serve during World War II from people who did it.” The Kentucky Oral History Commission awarded Egge a $5,000 grant to support the project.
In this video, Adeel Ahmed ’18 interviews local WWII U.S. Navy veteran Richard Guerrant as he shares his experiences as an eighteen-year-old, leaving home to join the hundreds of thousands of men and women answering their country’s call.
“All of the materials will be donated to the Kentucky Historical Society, and they will be available to the public, outside of any restrictions placed on them,” Egge continues. “Some of them will also be made public online through the KHS website.”
March 18, 2016

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