[VIDEO] Pit firing ceramics teaches students a greater appreciation for making art

Experiential and creative learning at Centre College moves beyond the borders of the classroom, with hands-on opportunities that not only offer amazing experiences but produce striking works of art. Professor of Art Judith Jia led her Ceramics 1 classes in pit firings behind the College’s Jones Visual Art Center to explore the ancient way of firing unglazed pots with wood, dung and sawdust in a pit. Students aided Jia in building a fire around their ceramic pieces and watching as the blaze burned and smoked their artwork for about an hour, with beautiful results.

“I think it does teach students an even greater appreciation for the technologies that have developed, in ceramics particularly,” Jia said.

“It’s important also for the students to learn that process is very important to making art—it doesn’t just spring forth. I think there’s an appreciation gain for how much trial and error goes into getting a product, or a piece that is worth keeping.”

November 4, 2015

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