[VIDEO] The story of ‘C6H0’ featured in Nashville news production

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Centre College’s famous grid-iron upset over Harvard in 1921, commonly known among Colonel fans as “C6H0,” was recently featured in a Nashville news production by broadcast journalist Dennis Ferrier.

The Praying Colonels quarterback Bo McMillan ’22 scored the only touchdown during the legendary game, which landed the team their six-point victory over seemingly invincible Harvard. This was the first time in six years that Harvard had lost a game.

“This was a tiny institution in the south that went up and played in front of 48,000 at Harvard in Boston—and they beat them,” said Centre Head Football Coach Andy Frye of, arguably, the biggest upset in all of college football history.

In the video, President John A. Roush also explained why the “C6H0 formula” represents much more than the score of a football game.

“The reason why C6H0 matters so much here at Centre—and really for all of America— is, it’s not about football, it’s not even about the game. It’s a larger construct that things that seem impossible are made possible.

“I think these kinds of stories are worth being retold repeatedly,” he continued, “because they say that hard work, dreaming big, imagining what others can’t imagine in this country is still possible.”

by Centre College News
November 26, 2018

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