Voice professor receives Fulbright to study and perform in Spain

“To inspire, to motivate and to give with honesty to others” are three actions that Centre professor of voice AdrianaLia Moutz believes are most important in life. Her students have long been aware of her dedication to following these actions, and recently, that dedication has led to Moutz’s receiving a Fulbright award, making her the fifth member of the Centre community to receive the prestigious award this year.
With her Fulbright award in scholar research and voice performance, Moutz will soon head to Spain to study and perform.
Throughout the seven years Moutz has been working at Centre, she has touched the lives of numerous students, encouraging them to follow their dreams of becoming performers.
“I’ve had extremely rewarding experiences with my students,” she says. “I’ve been blessed with disciplined and talented students who wanted to develop their talent and had the desire prove themselves at their best.”
Two of these students, 2011 graduates Kristen Baumgartner and Liz McConnaughey, were so inspired by Moutz, in fact, that they invited her to receive their Centre talents in this year’s Honor Walk. (An event in which graduating seniors pass silver coins, or talents, to a person or persons who have made their Centre experience especially meaningful.)
During the years she has been a Centre professor, Moutz has been invited to accept students’ talents five times, “which is deeply meaningful and moving to me,” she says.
Her students find their relationships with her meaningful as well.
“Professor Moutz has dedicated so much of her time to helping students both in and out of Centre classes,” says Baumgartner, who began working with Moutz her junior year. “I’m genuine in saying that I don’t think I would have been able to do all of the things I have done without her, including being accepted into a good graduate program for voice performance. She’s very skilled in her area and takes a genuine interest in her students—a trait that most Centre professors have.”
Whitney Brown, another of Moutz’s voice students, agrees, saying that “my two years of lessons with Professor Moutz have improved my voice exponentially. She has devoted a great deal of her time to me, as well as the rest of her students. She’s a wonderful teacher.”

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