Washington, D.C. internship spikes Hannah Bowers ’20 interest in cider industry

Anthropology and sociology major Hannah Bowers ’20 (West Lafayette, Indiana) interned with ANXO Cidery this semester as part of Centre College’s Centre-in-Washington program. She took the initiative to create this internship herself, which was inspired by her family’s orchard experience.

“I went out on a whim and reached out to the owners of ANXO via email introducing myself and explaining my interest in their business,” Bowers said. “We matched very well and created this internship. My desire sprung from experience around my family’s experimental apple orchard, which contains hard cider apple varietals. For these reasons, I wanted to learn the ins-and-outs of the hard cider industry.”

During her time as an intern with ANXO Cidery, Bowers experienced a wide range of the industry. She worked in production, where she helped to clean tanks and kegs, fill kegs, can, pump juice, write standard operating procedures, doing quality control checks, blend fermented cider, and take measurements to track fermentation. In addition, she also worked as a brand representative, engaging in Washington, D.C. sales endeavors, where she identified target accounts, set up meetings, took buyers through tastings and shadowed premium sales representatives.

“I got to learn how to operate a highly complex inventory system, apply and obtain correct licensing and permitting for many different aspects of the business, and worked on social media marketing and website updates and design,” Bowers added. “I also promoted our product more locally at different farmers markets and major events throughout the city. My favorite part was working as an assistant cidermaker in the cellar. I love being hands-on and getting to physically take apple juice and make it into refined canned or kegged hard cider.”

As a sociology major, Bowers said she was pushed to be able to think about complex patterns and problems from both macro and micro perspectives, exploring and interrogating how the intersectionality of individuals’ identities shaped their actions.

Through this experience, Bowers was able to better understand and connect with people from many different walks of life, both at work and throughout Washington, D.C.

“This experience has taught me so much about working in the cider industry and has connected me with many of the best cider makers, authors and enthusiasts in the country,” she said. “I plan to hold tight to and further the relationships that I built while interning with ANXO Cidery to potentially work as an assistant cider maker in the future.

“I could also see myself pursuing a masters in horticulture or food science with the intention of one day growing my family’s apple orchard into a business and perhaps cidery,” she adds. “I am excited to see where the future takes me and am forever thankful for such an unforgettable, life-changing opportunity.”

by Kerry Steinhofer
December 16, 2019

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