Watch the premiere episode of C60!

For Centre students, faculty and staff involved with countless activities, events and organizations, it can be hard to keep up with everything happening on campus. Starting this week, however, it will be easier than ever to keep up with Centre news thanks to C60.

Today marks the debut episode of C60, a new weekly vlog produced by Associate for News and Marketing Cindy Long and videographer Josh Karsner ’15, which presents Centre news and highlights in sixty seconds. Anchoring the web series are Andrew Hornick ’12 and Sophia Mahmood ’15, two highly accomplished and involved Centre students.

“I am a nationally ranked debater and public speaker in the National and Catholic Forensic Leagues, I hold a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and I’m actively working on toxicology research at the University of Louisville,” Mahmood says. “I’m pre-med and intend on majoring in behavioral neuroscience. Post-graduation, my dream is to eventually become a member of Doctors Without Borders.”

“I’m a senior majoring in Spanish. My plans for next year are to either attend medical school, or take a gap year for a break from the school grind. That might include teaching English abroad; it also might not,” says Hornick. “I am a Residence Director for the (in)famous Nevin Hall, and I’m involved with the Bate-Wood Community Park Project, the Pre-Health Society and Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE). I am also an avid intramural athlete and love to paint up for sporting events. As a senior with 46 days to go, though, I almost feel like those things should be in the past tense.”

Hornick and Mahmood see C60 as a fast and fun way for the Centre community to remain up-to-date with campus happenings.

“C60 should be a good opportunity for students to catch up with all the things that are going on around this campus—and hopefully the info is delivered in a quick and engaging way,” Hornick says.

“I think it’s a great way to stay informed about happenings on campus, and the beauty of it is how concise it is,” agrees Mahmood. “We know that Centre students have ridiculously busy schedules, but Andrew and I definitely hope that students have as much fun watching C60 as we do filming it for everybody.”

To watch or share C60, bookmark its new archive page or visit Centre’s YouTube site.

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