WeCar program underway at Centre

Feel like you have too many things to keep track of on campus? Here’s one thing you may not need to bring to Centre anymore: your car, thanks to the new WeCar program.
WeCar is designed to allow students the ability to reserve and rent one of two vehicles parked on campus near Chowan. The car-sharing program is cost-effective and environmentally friendly.
“The service is now fully active and available for use by the Centre community. Students only need a valid drivers license to sign up. Basic liability insurance coverage is supplied with the program. International drivers licenses are valid and welcome for the program, so our international students are encouraged to utilize the WeCars to explore the area or just run errands,” says Kendrick Durham, director of campus activities.
“Demand at Centre continues to grow as more and more students are signing up each week,” says Dwayne Huff, corporate sales manager for Enterprise, which sponsors WeCar.
Car-sharing programs like WeCar appeal to students because they provide the benefits of a personal vehicle but only require payment for time used.
“The WeCars are a low cost option for students to gain access to off-campus resources,” Durham says. “Gas and mileage—up to 200 miles—are included with the rental fee, so this not only gives students an option for running errands, or visiting regional attractions, but it does so in an affordable way.”
The WeCar rental process is completely automated. Centre students can register for a WeCar account atwecar.com/centre. The WeCars are available for renting at all times for an hour, overnight or for a full day, with a fuel card, maintenance and liability fees included in the cost.
“Once someone signs up they will receive a membership card, and this is all they need to gain access to the car,” Durham says. “The membership card has a proximity sensor that will unlock the doors, and the keys are in the car.
“Our WeCars are both on campus and available for use when they are not reserved,” Durham continues. “It takes about a week from application submission before students will receive their membership packet, so if folks think they may use it, it’s better to go ahead and register.”
The vehicles will only unlock for the card of the person who has reserved the car during that time slot. An electronic invoice will be sent once the car is returned at the end of the rental time.
Connor Feeley ’15 was interested in the WeCar program as an alternative mode of transportation, especially as a student without a car on campus.
“Typically, it’s not feasible for out-of-state students like myself to bring a car from home. Before, I had to rely on friends and coordinate with them, which was sometimes a hassle,” Feeley says. “With WeCar, it’s easy to circumvent these obstacles.”
After using the service, Feeley would recommend WeCar to other Centre students.
“Using the WeCar was a breeze,” he says. “The process was not only straightforward but convenient as well. One of my favorite features has to be that the WeCar can be reserved 24/7. It’s like a rental car service, except you can be under 21 and still be eligible to use it.”
Enterprise Rent-A-Car provides a 24-hour helpline for the WeCar program in case assistance is necessary. The company’s Danville branch provided the cars at Centre.
“WeCar programs are supported by the extensive Enterprise Rent-A-Car network of neighborhood rental offices,” Huff says. “Local Enterprise operations maintain cars and have the flexibility to add WeCar vehicles to meet demand at Centre.”
Centre’s WeCar program is among the first in the state, along with the University of Louisville, which also debuted the car-sharing program on their campus this fall.
The WeCar program demonstrates Centre’s commitment to environmental responsibility. Car-sharing will reduce Centre’s carbon footprint by potentially diminishing the number of cars on campus and the number of single occupancy commutes students make, and will also positively affect parking congestion on campus.
For more information or to register for a WeCar account, click here.

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