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Mark L. Galatowitsch

Associate professor of Biology

Chair of Biology

Offices & Programs


BS in Biology from Allegheny College
MS in Entomology from the University of Georgia.
PhD in Ecology from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand.


Mark Galatowitsch, associate professor of Biology, received his Ph.D. in Ecology from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, a M.S. in Entomology from University of Georgia, and a B.S. in Biology from Allegheny College. He is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer from Nicaragua (2004-2006). He joined Centre’s faculty in 2015. His research focuses on the strategies aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates use to exploit dynamic environments.

Galatowitsch uses a combination of extensive field surveys, field and laboratory experiments, and population genetics to test hypotheses in ecology and evolution. He has studied life-histories of generalist aquatic insects that exist across New Zealand permanent lakes and unpredictable temporary ponds, mass mayfly nymph migrations from Georgia river channels to seasonal floodplain wetlands, and leafhopper behavioral responses to predatory birds in Costa Rica. Around Central Kentucky, he has collaborated with students on the strategies stream insects have to avoid or cope with intermittent/drying stream conditions, studying wood decomposition in the knobs in Boyle County, the interactive effects of elevated nitrogen and water temperature on aquatic snails, anti-behavioral responses to different stimuli, and more.

He enjoys mentoring research students keen to study entomology, freshwater ecology, and applied environmental science topics. In addition to teaching Introductory Biology, Principles of Ecology, Entomology, Freshwater Ecology, and Biology Senior Seminar on Centre’s campus, he has extensive study abroad experience having directed Centre Term courses in New Zealand and Belize, and directed the Centre-in-Merida Mexico program (2019-2020). 


Centre Scholar (2019 and 2022).

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