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Our President

Milton Moreland

Milton C. Moreland is the 21st President of Centre College. A native of Boise, Idaho, he earned his undergraduate degree in history with honors from the University of Memphis, where his mentor, Dr. Marcus Orr, introduced him to the joy of studying ancient texts, languages, and artifacts. Moreland wrote his honors thesis on the Nag Hammadi Library, a set of early Christian texts discovered in Egypt in 1945. He continued his study of archaeology, ancient history, and religion at the Claremont Graduate University in California, where he earned his MA and Ph.D. degrees.

His scholarly work appears in leading journals and focuses on Roman archaeology and religious traditions in the Mediterranean region. Moreland has also edited several books, including Between Text and Artifact: Integrating Archaeology into Biblical Studies Teaching.

Prior to joining the Centre community, Moreland served for 6 years as the Provost and chief academic officer at Rhodes College. He first joined the Rhodes campus community in 2003 and was promoted to associate and then full professor, serving as the R.A. Webb Professor of Religious Studies, and Chair of the Archaeology Program.

During that time, Moreland directed the Rhodes Institute for Regional Studies, and was the founding director of the Lynne and Henry Turley Memphis Center. Outside of the classroom, his field work with students has involved travel to sites in Jordan, Turkey, Greece, and Germany, including collaboration with the Duke University Field School in Israel. Moreland was on the senior staff of the Sepphoris Regional Archaeological Project in Galilee for over 20 years.

Moreland is joined at Centre by his wife, Dina, a native of Chesterfield, Indiana, and a former national champion racquetball player who competed on the USA team. She attended the University of Memphis, completing her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in gerontology and educational studies, and began her career as a pharmaceutical salesperson in southern California, while touring as a professional racquetball player in the 1990s. From 2003 – 2020, Dina was an elementary school teacher in Memphis.

The Morelands have two grown children. Marcus, a 2016 graduate of Rhodes College, who majored in business and now works as a manager for a logistics company in Memphis, and Micah, a 2020 graduate of Rhodes College who was an international studies major and Asian studies minor, who now works as a consultant in digital marketing in Memphis. Both of their sons were student-athletes, Marcus in baseball and Micah in football.

Additional Information

Centre College is governed by a self-perpetuating Board of Trustees, divided into six annual classes of not more than six persons.

Officers of the Board of Trustees

• Mark E. Nunnelly, Chair of the Board
• Crit Luallen, Vice Chair of the Board
• Ben Beaton, Secretary of the Board
• Milton Moreland, President of the College
• Jamey Leahey, Assistant Secretary of the Board


Class of 2022
• Greg W. Caudill, CEO, Farmers National Bank, Danville, Kentucky
• Beth Klein, Officer and Administrator, Klein Family Foundation, Louisville, Kentucky
• Jeffrey L. Mackin, President, Interlock Industries, Inc., Louisville, Kentucky
• Eddy Roberts, Jr., State President, Retired, Bell South, Louisville, Kentucky

Class of 2023
• John R. Barton, Physician, Lexington, Kentucky
• John H. Newman, Senior Partner, Sidley Austin, LLP, Retired, Naples, Florida
• Mark E. Nunnelly, Chairman of AVALT Holdings and Special Limited Partner of Bain Capital, Boston, Massachusetts
• Peggy Purdom Patterson, U.S. Magistrate Judge, Retired, U.S. District Court, Eastern District Of Kentucky, Prospect, Kentucky
• James A. Smith, Consultant, St. Charles, Illinois

Class of 2024
• Anita M. Britton, Attorney, Britton Johnson, PLLC, Lexington, Kentucky
• Sheila A. Burks, Corporate Counsel, OFS Fitel, LLC, Norcross, Georgia
• Prashant Chakradhar, Ernst and Young, Chicago, Illinois
• Jess Correll, President and Chairman, First Southern Bancorp, Inc., Stanford, Kentucky
• Angie M. Evans, Vice President, Corporate Responsibility and Community Affairs, LG&E and KU Energy, LLC, Louisville, Kentucky
• Craig M. Hille, Managing Director, Juggernaut Capital Partners, Chevy Chase, Maryland
• Lea Stromire Johnson, Attorney, Moore and Van Allen, Charlotte, North Carolina
• Briana Lathon, Humana Inc., Louisville, Kentucky
• T. Richard Riney, Executive VP, CAO and General Counsel at Ventas, Inc., Retired, Louisville, Kentucky
• Lee D. Tatum, Anchorage, KY
• Henry Snyder, Louisville, Kentucky
• Amul Thapar, Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals, 6th Circuit, Edgewood, Kentucky

Class of 2025
• Benjamin J. Beaton, U.S. District Court, Western District of Kentucky, Louisville, Kentucky
• William S. Bowmer III, Managing Director, Lincoln International, LLC, San Francisco, California
• Jennie Carlson, Executive Vice President, Human Resources Officer, U.S. Bank, Retired, Charlotte, North Carolina
• John Farris, Commonwealth Economics, Lexington, Kentucky
• Stephen Hodges, ZimCal Asset Management, Los Angeles, California
• Jane Hale Hopkins, Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation, Atlanta, Georgia
• Wijdan Jreisat, Katz, Teller, Cincinnati, Ohio
• Tao Le, Physician, Scholar Rx, Elizabethtown, Kentucky
• Crit Luallen, Former Lieutenant Governor, Commonwealth of Kentucky, Frankfort, Kentucky
• Brian Mefford, Vetro, Inc, Bowling green, Kentucky
• Leonard Napolitano, Capture Higher Education, Louisville , Kentucky

Trustee Emeriti
• Thomas R. Baeker, Danville, Kentucky
• Robert T. Brockman, Chairman and CEO, The Reynolds and Reynolds Co., Houston, Texas
• Rutheford B. “Biff” Campbell, Jr., Lexington, Kentucky
• Paul Chellgren, Villa Hills, Kentucky
• Joanne K. Duncan, Inez, Kentucky
• Robert L. Elliott, Partner, Retired, Houlihan, Elliott, Hinkle Dispute Resolution, Georgetown, Kentucky
• Barb Emler, Physician and Pediatric Dentist, Lexington, Kentucky
• Richard L. Frymire, Madisonville, Kentucky
• J. David Grissom, Chairman, Mayfair Capital, Louisville, Kentucky
• G. Watts Humphry, Jr., Harrodsburg, Kentucky
• Randal B. Kell, President and CEO, The Mark Winkler Company, Annapolis, Maryland
• Elizabeth T. Kennan, Danville, Kentucky
• Charles J. Luellen, Austin, Texas
• Kenneth J. Mardick, Birmingham, Alabama
• Daryll Martin, Percipient Resources, Inc., Pittsboro, North Carolina
• Thomas H. Meeker, President and CEO, Churchill Downs Inc., Retired, Louisville, Kentucky
• Joseph H. Patterson, Charlotte, North Carolina
• George W. Privett, Jr., Lexington, Kentucky
• James L. Rogers III, Vero Beach, Florida
• James D. Rouse, Versailles, Kentucky
• Jim Seabury, Enterprise Solutions, Nashville, Tennessee
• Jane L. Stevenson, Owensboro, Kentucky
• Margaret A. Stroup, Melbourne, Florida
• Kevin Taylor, Retired, Madison, Wisconsin

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The Common Data Set is a product of the Common Data Set Initiative, “a collaborative effort among data providers in the higher education community and publishers as represented by the College BoardPeterson’s, and U.S. News & World Report.”

The stated goal is to provide accurate and timely data to students and their families while decreasing the workload of administrators. In producing their popular publications and rankings, these publishers “ask the same core questions” of institutions using the Common Data Set to define those questions and their responses.

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Bringing a wealth of expertise in their respective fields, Centre's senior leadership team works to advance the highest ideals of a liberal arts and sciences college. 

Senior Leadership Team

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President's Office Staff

Tabitha Key

Tabitha Key

  • Executive Administrative Assistant to the President

Carol Maddox

  • Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Legal Affairs and Gift Planning

Senior Leadership Team

Andrea Abrams

Andrea Abrams

  • Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion • Associate Professor of Anthropology

Kay Drake

  • Vice President of Human Resources and Administrative Services

Ellen Goldey

  • Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Dean of the College
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Jamey Leahey

  • Vice President for Legal Affairs and Gift Planning • Instructor of Politics
Alex McAllister faculty member

Alex M. McAllister

  • Associate Dean of the College
  • H.W. Stodghill Jr. Adele H. Stodghill Professor of Mathematics
Sarah Nolan

Sarah Nolan

  • Vice President for Strategic Marketing and Communications