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Strategic Marketing and Communications is responsible for the quality and consistency of Centre’s marketing efforts, with the specific purpose of promoting the College and its people, programs, and achievements uniformly across our messaging and visual identity.

We work to share the Centre experience with accuracy and clarity through all of our communications, including media relations, print publications, advertising, digital media, video, and photography. Ultimately, our goal is to present the Centre College brand with consistency in content and style—a goal we share with the entire Centre community in an effort to convey our story in a unified voice, to all of our audiences.

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Establishing and consistently communicating a well-defined brand helps others easily connect the Centre name with quality and credibility and articulates what makes the Centre Experience so special. Ultimately, it reinforces our earned reputation as a national leader in liberal arts and sciences education and as a place to expect the extraordinary.

Download the Brand Standards Guide

The Creation of a New Logo or Word Mark is Prohibited 

Offices, departments, programs, special committees, clubs, or organizations may occasionally desire a logo or graphic identify that differs from Centre College’s existing brand identity. However, building brand-name recognition is difficult; therefore, other logos, word marks, or graphic elements may add to name confusion and ultimately dilute Centre’s brand. A unified approach that fosters a strong, consistent institutional image for both internal and external audiences is important and provides recognition that a department or organization is part of the College.

A graphic mark may be developed for a broad institutional goal, such as a capital campaign. This is approved on a case-by-case basis however, and is done at the discretion of the communications office.

If you wish to incorporate the Centre logo with the name of your offices, departments, program, club, or organization for your use, please contact the Office of Strategic Marketing & Communications.

Centre College has three marks that identify our institution: the primary logo, the word mark, and the Centre seal. One of these three marks should appear on all Centre communications, but which one you use depends on the audience and context. In most instances, the primary logo will be the default choice.

Never attempt to alter or recreate the logo or word mark. Always use the official files below. Please refer to the Brand Standards Guide for the correct use of the Centre logo and word mark. The Centre seal has special uses and can not be downloaded. Please contacting the Strategic Marketing and Communications Office for permission to use the seal.

centre logo small
Centre Logo

The primary logo is the main identifier for the College. It consists of the Centre wordmark, paired with an icon of Old Centre. It is suitable for all audiences and occasions, and should be used on almost all Centre communications, especially marketing materials. Click below to download the logo in jpg, gif, and tiff formats. Should you need a specific size or format, please contact the Office of Strategic Marketing and Communications.

Download the Centre Logo

wordmark small
Centre Wordmark

The Centre College wordmark is a more informal logo, to be used with internal audiences and others who are extremely familiar with the College. It is also suitable for situations where space is limited. Click below to download the wordmark in jpg, gif, and tiff formats. Should you need a specific size or format, please contact the Office of Strategic Marketing and Communications.

Download the Centre Wordmark

Additional Centre Branded Materials

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Centre Communications regularly features stories that portray elements of the Centre Experience on the website, social media, and in various college publications. We invite you to submit your story for consideration.

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Review the guidelines for campus photography and video, and request assistance from the college photographer.

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Submit the project request form to request assistance producing print materials, promotional items, or digital design.

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