Centre Counseling

Centre Counseling provides accessible, safe, and inclusive mental health services to students for free.

After Hours Emergency

In the event of an immediate life-threatening crisis, call: 911.
Provide clear directions to your precise location.

Contact Centre Public Safety: 859.236.4357

After-Hours Centre Counseling Crisis Line: 859.319.1546

Counseling Services

Individual and group therapy is provided in a compassionate and culturally-sensitive environment for free and without billing insurance. You are welcome to visit Centre Counseling as needed or utilize on-going care. In on-going care, counselors help you determine the number of sessions that will be most beneficial to your mental health.

Counseling is available by appointment or through same day sessions during academic year.  The Centre Counseling office is located in the Parsons Center annex of Sutcliffe Hall on College Street. Office hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Please contact Centre Counseling to schedule an appointment if anything you are dealing with is interfering with your day-to-day functioning, including relationships and/or academics. 

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Returning Students

If you have been to Centre Counseling in this or previous academic years, please email your established counselor to schedule or complete the appointment request with your availability. If you would like to transfer to a different therapist, please speak with your established therapist about the transfer, then email us with the transfer request. Counselor contact information can be found below. 

Same-Day Sessions

Same-day sessions are available Monday through Friday between 1:00pm and 4:30pm on a first come, first serve basis. Sessions are limited, so contact us as early as possible on the day you would like to be seen. Alternate times can be arranged. If you cannot be seen on the day you contacts us, you will be scheduled the next day or the next available time that works with your schedule.

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Helping a Friend or Family Member

Friends and family members are often an integral part of our well-being. Every year, many Centre students, faculty and staff meet with Centre Counseling to consult on how to best provide the people in their lives support. The two links below are helpful resources if you're concerned about the mental well-being of a friend, a student, or family member. 

Active Minds offers guidance on the dos and don'ts of talking with a friend or loved one struggling with mental health. Seize the Awkward provides resources for starting conversations about mental health that can make a difference. 

If a consultation with a Centre counselor would be beneficial, please contact Centre Counseling.

Seize the Awkward  Active Minds

Office hours

8:00am - 5:00pm


1:00pm - 4:30pm
Same-day Sessions

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Discreet Meeting locations

Embedded Counseling

Embedded counseling removes location barriers and eases access to counseling services by meeting in private spaces around campus. Sessions are conducted by appointment only.

Counselor with patient

Seeking additional counseling

Off-Campus Help

If you are looking for an off-campus provider, contact Centre Counseling to learn more about off-campus options, or click the button below for a listing.

Crisis Resources

Mental health crises include any situation when a student is threatening suicide or serious self-injury and the risk seems imminent.

  • Dial 911 or the after-hours crisis line depending on the severity of the situation.
  • During normal business hours call: 859.238.5530
    • State that it is an emergency when the phone is answered.
    • DO NOT leave a message. If no answer, contact Public Safety: 859.236.4357
  • After 4pm or on the weekends, for mental health crises please call the Centre Counseling Crisis Line: 859-319-1546.
  • National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline: Text or call 988
  • Crisis Text Line: Text “help” to 741741
  • National Sexual Assault Hotline: 800.656.4673
  • Trevor Project Lifeline (for LGBTQ Students): 866.488.7386
  • Steve Fund Text Line (for Students of Color): Text STEVE to 741741
  • National Runaway Safeline: 800.786.2929
  • 24-Hour Mental Health Help Line: 800.928.8000

Support Groups Listing and Contacts

In order to register for a group, you will need to speak with the therapist leading the group to make sure the group will meet your needs and that you clearly understand the confidential nature of the group.

International Students Support Group

Contact therapist leader, Michael Spears


Support group for women of color.
Contact therapist leader, Crystal McPherson


Contact therapist leader, Ann Goodwin

Learning Differences

Contact therapist leader, Joel Klepac

Grief Support

Contact therapist leader, Ann Goodwin

Family Members with SPMI

Contact therapist leader, Joel Klepac


This group is open to anyone and unites students with other members of the Centre community in seeking to live in emotional and chemical sobriety. A meeting with a Centre counselor is required.

Contact therapist leader, Michael Spears


This body liberation group is a safe space for women in stereotypically larger bodies who have been harmed by diet culture and rampant anti-fat bias. Using a Health at Every Size lens, we will discuss actionable strategies to stop dieting, embrace the bodies we have and incorporate fitness and joyful movement into our routines. 

Contact therapist leader, Crystal McPherson

Self-ish Care

A therapy group focused on self-care, healthy coping and boundaries. Meets Tuesdays during common hour.

Contact therapist leader, Hannah Harley

Alcohol and drug education and prevention programs are available through the Office of Health Promotion.

Centre offers confidential counseling services for alcohol and drug abuse. Appointments for counseling may be made by calling 859.238.5740. In addition, Counseling Services can refer students to off-campus treatment resources and self-help groups in the community.

Learn more about Centre's Alcohol and Drug policies in the Student Handbook

Centre Counseling Staff

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Ann Goodwin

  • Associate Dean for Student Well-Being & Director of Counseling