Cost and Details

Study Abroad Cost

Study Abroad cost is the same as studying in Danville, plus a $400 non-refundable administrative deposit due  March 1st, 2024. Flights to the abroad site are the responsibility of the student. All pre-departure meetings, including the Study Abroad/Away Travel Medicine Clinic meeting held each semester, are mandatory. Students who have significant financial need should consider applying for additional funding from Centre Global

Summer study abroad and CentreTerm study abroad costs vary by program. See program descriptions for more information.

As per the Centre College Student Handbook, a student's account must be paid in full before any monies are accepted for study abroad/away, including administrative deposits and payments for CentreTerm, Summer, Fall and Spring programs. A student with an unpaid balance on their Centre student account will not be permitted to participate in off-campus study abroad or away. Additionally, a student with a delinquent account cannot receive internal scholarship awards from Centre Global, including senior subsidy.

Scholarship Resources

Centre Global is fortunate to receive and to manage a number of generous donations that support student study abroad. One of our proudest annual achievements comes in matching dozens of awards with worthy applicants in need. These funds are highly competitive and restricted, which means that hundreds of students apply for a limited number of slots governed by strict profiles and parameters. The award amounts depend upon market activity and the number of successful applicants, and typically range between $500-$2500. 

Every spring, students who are planning to study abroad the following year are invited to apply for awards from the following endowed funds.

The Adams Study Abroad Scholarship Fund
Established by Nancy Steele Adams ’77 and Douglas C. Adams to honor their son’s (Paul D. Adams ’11) semester abroad experience, awarded annually to worthy, full-time students at Centre College studying abroad for a semester (does not include CentreTerm study abroad).

The J. David Grissom Language Fund
Established in honor of J. David Grissom (Class of 1960) by a generous donor and friend. The fund supports foreign language study and comprehension, by awarding study abroad grants to qualified students (those who have successfully completed two years of a language other than English, or tested at that level) for travel to a country where such a language is spoken.

The Astrid Klis Hullar Study Abroad Fund
Established by Rob Alford ’96 in honor of Astrid Klis Hullar for her warm and welcoming presence to students since the start of the Strasbourg program. Preference will be given to students with need who are traveling to Strasbourg.

The Matthews Family Study Abroad Fund
Established by Blakeley Matthews ’83 in honor of his parents, J. Payson Matthews III and Genie Matthews, parents and grandparents of Centre College alumni and longtime friends of the College, awarded to students with demonstrated financial need, with a strong preference given to students from Tennessee.

The T. Alan Robinson ’90 Fellowship Fund
Established by friends of Alan Robinson in his memory to provide financial assistance for off campus study to worthy, full-time students of Centre College, with preference given to qualifying members of Beta Theta Pi fraternity.

The Voltaire Scholars Fund
Established by Charles G. Vahlkamp, the Charles T. Hazelrigg Professor Emeritus of French, to facilitate study abroad in Francophone areas by supporting one or two students each year. Junior and senior French majors are eligible to apply. Preference will be given to students who have already studied in a French-speaking country.  Selections are made by a senior member of the French faculty.

The L. C. Workman and Y. M. Castillo Study Abroad Fund
Established by Dr. Joe Workman and other family and friends, in honor of his mother and aunt, to provide financial assistance to one or more students to enable study abroad opportunities. Consideration should be given to financial need and academic excellence.

The Milton Reigelman Global Studies Fund
Established in honor of Milton Reigelman to assist deserving students who otherwise might struggle to afford even the modest fees associated with study abroad at Centre.

If you're looking for financial support outside of Centre Global, here are a number of great scholarships to consider. Many of our students have had success obtaining these funds to participate in short-term and long-term study abroad programs. 

It's not a comprehensive list of all funding sources, but it is a great place to start.