Online Accessibility Tools and Resources

Online OCR Converter
This Online OCR Converter is a web—based site that allows you to convert scanned pdf files or images to an editable text document such as Word, Excel or RTF.

Microsoft’s Learning Tools
Microsoft has a host of free learning tools such as Immersive Reader, Writing, Math and Communication. Immersive Reader is part of Centre’s Office 365 license, so it’s free to use and is already available in the Office (Word, PPT, Excel) Online. Immersive Reader has features that include: reading line by line, highlighting text, translation, identifying words in a document being used as a noun, adjective, verb, and annotation. Immersive reader is available in other programs such as OneNote, Flipgrid, Teams, Outlook and Microsoft Edge, which is the PC web-browser. To access Immersive Reader through Office 365 at Centre, go to the CentreNet Launchpad and click the Office 365/ OneDrive button.

Chrome Extensions for Students with Learning Differences

Snap and Read Universal
Snap & Read is a text reader that helps simplifies vocabulary, translates text, read inaccessible text (ex: OCR), and captures and cite sources. Some of the features include: reading aloud, dynamic text leveling, translation, study tools, color overlay/reading line guides, and a screenshot reader.

Read & Write for Google Chrome (free for 30 days)
Read & Write provides options such as text-to-speech in which it will read aloud documents with an easy to follow dual color highlighting option; dictionaries for text and picture to help explain the meaning of words; speech-to-text that dictate words to assist with writing; proofreading and studying; Word prediction that offer suggestions of new words; collects highlights from previous documents or the web and can help summarize your research; and the option to create and listen to notes directly inside of Google docs. 

Mercury Reader
Mercury Reader removes ads and distractions from website you visit, providing you with only text and images for a clean reading view on every website. Other features include: sending sites to your kindle; adjusting the typeface and text size; toggling between light and dark themes; and quick keyboard shortcuts.

Open-Dyslexic is an open source font created to increase readability for readers with dyslexia making the format of webpages more easily readable.

The Colorblind extension is free and allows people with different kinds of color blindness (color vision deficiency) to see more colors.

Scrible Toolbar
Scrible Toolbar allows a user to annotate, tag, and share online articles and webpages and save them to your free scrible account. These features include: highlighting, bolding, underlining, and coloring to flag specific text; adding sticky notes on parts of an article; categorizing your annotations by type and color; sharing your articles; and saving articles to your personal library.

Beeline Reader
Beeline Reader makes reading easier and faster. It uses a color gradient to guide your eyes from the end of one line to the beginning of the next, allowing a quicker transition between the lines of text.

Speech Recognition Anywhere
Speech Recognition Anywhere is a speech to text program that uses voice recognition to complete tasks. When you talk, the text is automatically typed, leaving your hands free. You can also browse the web and control website with voice commands. Limited free features are available and if you want the full features, you will need to pay the $39.99 price.