Students are provided an introduction to Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) with an emphasis on speaking, writing, and reading. Class discussions and readings provide students information and exposure to various Arabic cultural topics.


Arabic provides students multiple ways to engage with Centre’s liberal arts education by overlapping with various programs and classes. Combined with courses from History, Politics, Religion, English, and International Studies Program, Arabic is required for the new Middle East Minor.  Arabic is also a “bridge language” that provides a strong basis for studying languages like Hebrew, Turkish, Persian, and Urdu. As a critical language, there are competitive governmental and non-governmental scholarships to travel and study in the Arab world.  Arabic should be of particular interest for students focusing on international relations, religion, business, anthropology, philosophy, history, and linguistics.


Centre offers two years of MSA with a focus on grammar, verbal patterns, and noun forms as students learn vocabulary and conversational-skills suitable for everyday use.  Beyond two years, students may elect to focus on a dialect, literary Arabic, media Arabic, or Quranic Arabic.

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