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Art (Studio)

Media taught include drawing, oil painting, photography & moving image, ceramics, and hot glass. The major in art studio culminates in an exhibition held in the gallery of the Jones Visual Arts Center at the end of the student’s senior year.


Students take art courses in search of parallels among the visual arts to other forms of human expression — anthropological, dramatic, historical, literary, and musical — both past and present, or merely with a wish to complement their other undergraduate experiences in the liberal arts by grasping more fully the bases of aesthetic meaning and judgment. Virtually every course in the art program also enrolls students from a broad variety of other disciplines.


Centre’s art curriculum accommodates those who want to begin a career in visual art and those who just want to try a course or two. Six courses are available as introductory classes for non-majors: Survey of Western Art Drawing, Hot Glass, Ceramics, Introduction to Photography, and Introduction to Moving Image. Senior art majors present a capstone exhibition of their body of work in the AEGON Gallery.

Major Requirements

Minor Requirements

Experiential Learning

Students engage in hands-on learning experiences and reflection to develop skills and increase knowledge retention.

Visiting artists conduct hands-on demonstrations and lectures that enhance the student experience. The AEGON Gallery and the Norton Center for the Arts house strong art collections and faculty often accompany students on trips to local, regional, and national museums and exhibitions. Some of the world's greatest art is available to students who study abroad in England, France, and Mexico.


We're committed to helping students find quality internship experiences in the career area of their choice.

Students have interned at Gwynn Murrill Sculpture Studio (Los Angeles), Corcoran Museum of Art (D.C.), Manifest Gallery and Drawing Center (Cincinnati), Glassbrook (Louisville), San Antonio Museum of Art, Denver Art Museum, Historic Preservation Society of New Orleans, and Neil Patel Design Studio (New York City).


Our extraordinary liberal arts and sciences education prepares students for meaningful lives and careers.

Graduates have pursued careers as a professional artist, museum curator, art dealer. Centre has also helped many students embark on careers as architects, designers, and government policymakers in the arts.

Art Studio Faculty

Andrew Brown

Andy Brown

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Studio Art

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