Vanderbilt University Teacher Licensure Partnership

Typically, Centre College graduates will enroll in Peabody College of Vanderbilt University the summer immediately following their graduation from Centre. For those seeking special education endorsement, the M.Ed. program would then generally encompass that summer, the following fall and spring, and the following summer, so that students are available to begin teaching with a master’s degree in just over one calendar year after completing their undergraduate degrees.

Students seeking a master’s degree with an elementary education endorsement may enter in either the summer or fall, with coursework continuing in the spring and summer, and concluding with student teaching in the fall.

Students seeking a master’s degree with a secondary education endorsement may enter in the fall or summer — students who enter in the summer typically pursue coursework in the summer and fall, student teach in the spring, and then complete any remaining course requirements the following summer.

Students entering in the fall spread degree work over two academic years, with student teaching in the spring of the second year.

While Centre students are not guaranteed admission into the graduate program at Peabody College, this formal partnership will help facilitate efficient and effective preparation of future teachers at this excellent institution of higher education.

Approved Centre courses and corresponding Peabody courses

Centre College Peabody College
EDU 227: Introduction to Education (3hrs.) EDU 3500: Foundations of Education (3 hrs.)
EDU 228: Educational Psychology (3hrs.) EDU 3110/PSY 334P: Psychological Foundations of Education (3 hrs.)
EDU 330: Diversity and Inclusion in the Classroom (3hrs.) EDU 3000: Introduction to Exceptionalities (3 hrs.)









Requirements for certification are subject to change according to the guidelines and regulations published by the governing body (in Kentucky, the Education Professional Standards Board) in the state where a student wishes to teach. Students are advised to consult with the education faculty to help plan schedules and to review requirements for certification through partner institutions in a master’s program or preparations for another educational setting.