College Credit Equivalency

College Credit in High School

Centre’s policies in these areas are designed to reward extraordinary achievement while at the same time supporting our belief that the best Centre College experience is a four-year experience. It is our philosophy that everything a student does prior to high school graduation is preparation for college, and all Centre students enter with exceptional academic credentials. Some of those credentials include college course work and others do not. Consequently, we limit the amount of credit first-year students can be awarded prior to their enrollment at the College.

Centre’s Pre-matriculation Policy

  • We award a maximum of 24 hours of pre-matriculation credits to first-year students from all sources (e.g., Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, dual-credit, all other college credit). Students who exceed the 24-hour limit may choose which credits will be awarded and you may adjust your choices later subject to the constraints of any other College policies.
  • We will not award credit for any course or examination completed prior to the start of your junior year in high school.

  • Regardless of credit granted, students must complete at least one general education course in residence in the following three areas: social studies, science, and fundamental questions. 

AP, IB, CLEP, & International Exam Credit

Centre awards a minimum of three hours of credit for scores of 4 or 5 on most Advanced Placement exams. Credit for foreign language requires validation by an institutional exam. Academic programs may award additional credit and assign course equivalencies.

Test Credit Equivalency
American History 3 Elective
Art History 3 Elective
Art: Studio, Drawing 3 Elective; Portfolio review for ARS110
Biology 4 Elective
Chemistry 4 CHE131
Computer Science 3 Elective; Bypass CSC170 with department approval
Economics micro/macro 3 Elective; ECO110 if 4 or 5 in both
English Literature & Composition 3 Elective4
Environmental Science 3 Elective for 4; ENS210 for 5
European History3 3 Elective
French Language/Literature 61 Elective for 3; FRE221
German Language/Literature 61 GER210; 220
Government/Politics: American 3 Elective
Government/Politics: Comparative 3 Elective
Latin: Vergil/Cat.-Horace 61 CLA210; 220
Music Theory 3 MUS110
Calculus AB 3 MAT165
Calculus BC 6 MAT170; 1712
Physics B 4 PHY110
Physics C 4 Elective; PHY110 if 4 or 5 in both
Psychology 3 PSY111
Spanish Language/Literature 61 SPA210; 220
Statistics 3 MAT130
World History3 3 Elective

1-Pending validation by placement test.
2-If you score a 3 on Calculus BC, you will receive 3 hours of credit for MAT 165 OR If BC grade is <4 but AB subscore is 4 or 5, student will receive 3 hours of credit for MAT 165.

3-Credit not given for both World History and European History.
4-AP credit in English does not automatically meet the writing competency requirement; nor does it fulfill any other general education requirement. It serves as elective credit only.


International Baccalaureate

Centre awards a minimum of three hours of credit for scores of 6 or 7 on higher-level exams. Credit for a foreign language requires validation by an institutional exam and may be awarded for a grade of 5 on a higher-level exam. Grades of 5 in some other subjects are reviewed for credit by the appropriate program. Academic programs may award additional credit and assign course equivalencies. 

College - Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Credit is not granted for CLEP exam scores.

International Exams

International exam scores are reviewed for credit on a case-by-case basis. 

College & Dual Credit

The College's dual-credit policy allows dual-credit courses taught at the high school level to be eligible for college credit, in addition to courses at a partnering college or community college.

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