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Business and Entrepreneurship

Challenge Market Conditions

You don't have to be a Business major to explore this field. Mathematics, language, international studies, science and more are all applied in the world of business & entrepreneurship. It is a world economy and that is only going to grow stronger. It must, there are 8 billion of us. There must be new products and services to fulfill needs. Think about the Business & Entrepreneurship Career Exploration Community especially if you've got an idea for one those products or services.

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Explore a Career in a Global Market

In this digital age business and entrepreneurship can have a worldwide influence that your Centre education will help you be a part of. The Business & Entrepreneurship Career Exploration Community will introduce you to fields that include marketing, sales, consulting, real estate, finance and banking, investing and wealth management, accounting, logistics and commerce, manufacturing; and entrepreneurship.

Below are resources for exploring careers in business and entrepreneurship. You can also use the Occupational Outlook Handbook to research all careers and employment projections. You may find that to do what you want you may have to extend your education. We've listed those resources as well.

View the Occupational Handbook

Explore Careers

Business and Finance Career Resources   
Huge list of business-related occupations with accompanying career information.

Business Analyst Careers   
Information on a career as a business analyst.

Business Analytics Programs
Information on business analytics in graduate school.  
Information for college students and career changers on the field, finding an internship and a job.

Investopedia: Financial Careers   
Information on what it takes to get a career in finance and a wide variety of financial careers.

Experience Office Life

Before you can be in business you have to experience business. We have listed some business internship that will give you a taste of ways to apply your education before settling on a job or executing an entrepreneurial idea.


Internship Resources

Be sure to also check Handshake and LinkedIn on the main Find an Internship page. 

American Marketing Association 
Find marketing internships throughout the U.S. (Select “Internship” under Job Level.)

Internships with America’s Top Companies 
Fortune 500 internships listed by state. (Enter Centre for username and Colonels for password.) 

MADE Internship Program
MADE (Marketing & Advertising Education) Program has placed over 18- students in paid summer internships at top companies and has connected hundreds more students to the advertising and marketing industry.

Embark on the Executive Track

If you know what role you want fill or you are planning to start your own business this is where you want to be. Marketing, Finance and Sales are three of the foundational elements. Below are resources for graduate school and jobs in business.

Graduate School and Job Searches

Graduate School Resources

Be sure to also check out Peterson's Graduate Schools and Programs on our Apply to Grad School page.

Professional Schools Business Programs  
Search for MBA and Business graduate programs in a wide area of concentrations. Internship resources   
Get information on MBA careers and find MBA programs.

The Princeton Review: Business   
Find MBA programs and get information about the admissions process. 

U.S. News & World Report   
Get business school rankings and up-to-date admission and career-related articles. 

Employment Resources

Be sure to also check Handshake and LinkedIn on the main Find a Job.

International Association of Business Communicators   
Comprehensive job listings in communications and public relations   
Search a variety of accounting and financial sector positions.   
Search a variety of actuary positions in life and annuity, casualty, health and disability, pension, and more.

eFinancial Careers   
Find jobs in a wide variety of finance careers including accountants/auditors, financial planners, budget analysts, actuaries, asset managers, bankers, and more.

American Marketing Association   
Find entry-level and experienced marketing positions throughout the U.S. and abroad. Also includes job searching resources for the marketing field.

Marketing Jobs   
Job listings and resources for marketing and sales careers.   
Huge database of positions in retail sales (including buyer and management positions).   
Find a wide array of outside sales positions.

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