We Were Here Exhibition


The Norton Center for the Arts

Drivers for the Elite Cab Company pose in front of the Doric Lodge and Singleton’s Market, first floor. The two-story Elite Pool Hall (formerly Green Pastures Restaurant), and Elite Cab Company in more prosperous days, was owned by Leon and Orestes “Tiny” Richardson. The drivers, l-r, include George Lee Harlan, William “Buster” Letcher, Calvin Bedinger, and David Robinson. Photo courtesy of the DBCAAHS. Includes graphic of the exhibit title "We Were Here. The African American Experience in Boyle County."

This historical storytelling project celebrates our area’s rich African American heritage and acknowledges the societal and cultural erasure endured by the Danville and Boyle County African American community in the name of urban renewal. This extensive campus and community collaboration brings together esteemed authors, change agents and performing artists with Centre College students and the entire community to shed light on our collective history and build bridges for our connected future.

In partnership with the Danville-Boyle County African American Historical Society and Centre College’s Program in Anthropology & Sociology.

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