ZZ Top

Norton Center for the Arts

A balck and white image of three men. The left-most man has a mullet and sunglasses, the middlemost man has a long beard, hat and sunglasses, and the rightmost man has a mid-length beard, sunglasses, and is playing the guitar.

“That Little Ol’ Band From Texas” has been at it for well over a half-century, delivering rock, blues and boogie on the road and in the studio to millions of devoted fans. With iconography as distinctive as their sound, ZZ Top is virtually synonymous with beards, hotrod cars, spinning guitars and that magic keychain, all of which transcend geography and language.  

Selling hundreds of millions of records throughout their career, they have been officially designated as Heroes of The State of Texas, inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (by Keith Richards, no less) and referenced in countless cartoons and sitcoms. They are true rock icons and, against all odds, they’re just doing what they’ve always done. ZZ Top abides!

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