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  • Convocation
  1. Vahlkamp Theater

    SGA Debate 2023

    The 2023 Centre College Student Government Association (SGA) Debate is a campus-wide event. Come hear from the candidates for the "top" student offices, as they talk about their visions for a "more...

  2. Vahlkamp Theater

    Consent and Kink

    Emerson Karsh is a sex and kink educator, content creator, and writer. She has a degree in Human Sexuality and a dream to make kink and sex education accessible to everyone. She has also been featured...

  3. Newlin Hall, Norton Center for the Arts

    Students sing as part of a concert by Centre Choirs.

    Centre Choirs in Concert

    This performance showcases four choral ensembles: Treble Singers, Tenor-Bass Singers and Centre Singers, and the Centre College Choir, all of which are open to the entire student body. These choirs...

    Performing Arts