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Health and Medicine

Apply Your Knowledge, Skill and Compassion

Centre's robust list of pre-professional programs provide a wide array of options for getting into health and medicine careers. Use the Health & Medicine Career Exploration Community to learn about what's available and how to get there. In addition to career advice this exploration community can provide guidance on professional schools and graduate exams. It is an indispensable resource for taking the next step to become a medical professional.

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Explore a Career of Caring

From urban centers to small towns, as population grows quality healthcare is going to be essential.  The Health & Medicine Career Exploration Community covers all medical fields including physician and DO, physician assistant, nurse and nurse practitioner; EMT; medical research; physical, occupational and speech-language therapy; chiropractic; public health; and veterinary.

Below are resources for exploring careers in health and medicine. You can also use the Occupational Outlook Handbook to research all careers and employment projections. We have also included resources for extending your education that includes graduate exams.

View the Occupational Handbook

Explore Careers

Careers in Medicine  
All you need to know about careers in medicine from the American Medical Association.

Careers in Public Health   
Comprehensive information about a wide range of careers in public health.

Centre College Health Professions Advisory Group   
Information about health professions at Centre College

Health and Medical Career Center   
Information on a huge array of careers in the health profession.

Health Information Careers   
Information on career and credential paths for the health information field.

Health Management Careers   
Make a difference…discover a career in healthcare management.

Public Health Degrees   
A guide to learn the 10 highest paying public health jobs and the salary breakdown on highest paying locations and industry.   
Information on nursing career paths and programs by state.

Top Occupational Therapy   
Information on occupational therapy careers, including OT program information and information by state.

Experience Caring Environments

Health and medicine is a diverse field that involves both patient interaction and research. We have listed some internship opportunities that can provide helpful perspectives to add to your pre-professional education before settling on a job or moving on to grad school.


Internship Resources

Be sure to also check Handshake and LinkedIn on the main Find an Internship page. 

Serious Fun   
Camps for children with serious medical illnesses. (Visit each camp’s website for specific summer program and staffing information.)

The Center for Courageous Kids   
Summer camp in Kentucky serving kids from across the nation with medical challenges. 

Unite for Sight   
Unpaid international internships for pre-med students. 

Shepherd Consortium Internship Program   
An eight-week internship with an agency working in a disadvantaged community. The agencies represent many fields of interest, including education, healthcare, legal services, housing, social and economic needs, and community-building efforts.

American Academy of Medical Colleges   
Links to summer research programs at institutions across the nation. 

(Kentucky IDeA Networks of Biomedical Research Excellence)   KY INBRE (formerly KBRIN) funds up to 20 undergraduate students annually to participate in biomedical research under the supervision of faculty mentors who are actively engaged in biomedical research at the University of Louisville or the University of Kentucky. 

Centre College Division III Research  
Research opportunities with Centre College Division III faculty members. 

National Institute of Environmental Health  
Summer internships in biomedical technology (in Research Triangle Park, N.C.).

National Institutes of Health   
Summer internships in biomedical research. 

National Science Foundation: REU Program   
Summer research opportunities in a wide range of areas with their research. 


Embark on Making Lives Better

The Health and Medicine Career Exploration Community is broad and inclusive as there are plenty of opportunities to serve in this field.  Below are resources to help you find or give you an idea for graduate school and jobs available in health and medicine.

Graduate School and Job Searches

Graduate School Resources

Be sure to also check out Peterson's Graduate Schools and Programs on our Apply to Grad School page.

Medical School

Association of American Medical Colleges 
Find accredited medical schools in the U.S. and Canada

AAMC for students   
Everything you need to prepare for medical school: advice on choosing a medical school, applying, interviewing and more.

Multiple Mini Interview   
Prepare for the medical school “multiple mini interview.” 

Student Doctor Network   
Numerous resources for students considering medical school, including information and feedback from medical school interviews. 

The Princeton Review: Medical   
Find medical schools, get information about the admissions process, and more.

U.S. News & World Report   
Get medical school rankings and up-to-date career and admissions articles. 

Dental School

American Dental Association: Careers   
Resources for students planning a career in dentistry.

Dental School Interview Feedback   
Get interview feedback from those who have gone through dental school interviews.

Veterinary School

Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges   
Find veterinary medical schools in the U.S. and Canada and get information on careers in veterinary medicine.

Employment Resources

Be sure to also check Handshake and LinkedIn on the main Find a Job page.

American Public Health Association   
Lists a wide variety of jobs in public health across the nation.

Health Careers   
Careers in administration, allied health, pharmaceuticals, research, medicine and more.

Health Job
Explore medical professions by salary, education and work, and also search for jobs.

Health Jobs Nationwide   
Find jobs in medicine, nursing, therapy, biotechnology, and healthcare management.

Hospital Jobs Online   
You must register (free) to apply for jobs, but you can search without registering.

National Institutes of Health   
Locate positions with the NIH in scientific research, management, or administration.   
Life Science jobs in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

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