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From financial support to academic advocacy, SGA represents students as their official voice to the College’s administration and faculty in all matters of academic, extracurricular, and social issues. 

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About SGA

SGA consists of an Executive Council of officers and committee chairs, a Student Senate that handles academic issues, and a House of Representatives that oversees all clubs and organizations on campus. The organization meets biweekly to vote on club funding requests, legislation, and the varying needs of Centre College students. 

Elections: SGA holds elections at the beginning of each school year for class representative elections, with the Executive Council and Student Senate positions filled in the previous spring semester. 

Committees: Representatives serve on committees that deal with specific aspects of campus life. These representatives also approve all club funding and new student organizations. The six committees are Finance, Campus Improvements, Student Affairs, Programming, Dining Services, and Communications. 

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Committees meet to conduct business in their respective areas. These committees often bring business to the general body of SGA which meets during fourteen general sessions held throughout the year. Students not currently members of SGA can also bring forward business. 

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SGA is governed by its constitution which delegates roles and assigns powers. Any amendments to this document must be approved by the student body and the Centre College Board of Trustees. 


SGA is proud to be focused on enhancing the student experience by providing valuable services to the Centre community. Send us feedback and suggest new services to your representatives.
enterprise car share

Enterprise CarShare

SGA supports the Enterprise CarShare program, covering numerous costs so they are not passed on to students. If you would like to participate in the program, use the button above.

digital news

Digital News Access

Digital access to the USA Today and the Louisville Courier-Journal are provided to all devices, both members of the Centre community and guests, connected to Centre’s network.


Campus Improvements

SGA is committed to listening to students’ requests for campus improvements and finding the resources needed to implement those projects.

A Valued Investment

Each year, SGA allocates more than 80 percent of its funding to student organizations. This offers the nearly 80 student organizations across campus the opportunity to cover costs and engage the Centre community. Our financial support includes funding Centre’s historic student newspaper, The Cento



Approximate percentage of SGA budget allocated to student organizations



Almost this many student organizations qualify to receive funding from SGA.

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