Art meets science: Centre student creates illustrated guide book for Yellow Island visitors

A young woman kneels behind a large stone where a rocky beach meets the ocean.

Centre College student Carley Bishop, class of '24, spent the summer before her senior year interning on Yellow Island, part of the San Juan Islands of Washington State. Her Doris Duke Conservation Scholar internship allowed her to merge her love of science and art while helping educate island visitors.

Combing through tide pools in Washington State's San Juan Islands was a dream come true for the scientist inside Carley Bishop. But the Centre College senior and Frankfort, Kentucky, native harbors another passion along with biology: art. 

Could her time on Yellow Island via the prestigious Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program serve both those loves? It sure could. 

Bishop, along with intern partner Kamryn You Mak, combined their growing biological expertise of the island with a creative approach to educating visitors through an illustrated guide book. 

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You can watch Bishop's video below and learn more about the work of other Doris Duke Conservation Scholars here.



Launched by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation in 2013, the conservation scholars program is supported by the Wilburforce Foundation, University of Washington, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and EarthLab. Learn more at

Centre students interested in applying to the Dorris Duke Conservation Scholars Program can contact Robert Schalkoff, Director of the Office of Fellowships.