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Social Impact

Work For Positive Change

Community engagement is a key tenet at Centre College.  A Centre education provides a community-based perspective that can help solve the bigger problems in society. The Social Impact Career Exploration Community can help you focus your passion to help and improve. The broad nature of a Liberal Arts and Sciences education, regardless of your major encourages social impact. It's a natural fit.

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Explore a Career for the Community

Social impact is happening all the time. The Social Impact Career Exploration Community will give you a chance to have long term influence in careers that span education (preschool, k-12, and higher ed), community service and engagement, religion, non-profit, sustainability, psychology and mental health counseling, social work, and social justice.

Below are resources for exploring careers in social impact. You can also use the Occupational Outlook Handbook to research all careers and employment projections. You may find that to do what you want you may have to extend your education. We've listed those resources as well.

View the Occupational Handbook

Explore Careers

American Anthropological Association   
Information on careers in anthropology

Centre College Education Program   
Information about the Education program, including degree partnerships.

Ed.D. Program   
Information about Ed.D. options and programs

Education Professional Standards Board   
Information about how to become certified to teach in Kentucky.   
Information about careers in education, including education and state requirements and other resources.

Mississippi Teacher Corps
Participants are placed in Mississippi public schools that are experiencing a teacher shortage while earning their master's degree.

American Historical Association   
Information on a wide array of careers in history majors

How to Become a Police Officer   
Information about careers in the police force.

American Psychological Association   
Provides definitions of and information on all of the specialties in the field of psychology.

Careers in Psychology   
Information on a huge list of occupations in the field of psychology, broken into four categories: psychologists, counselors, therapists, and social workers.   
Information on careers in psychology, counseling, social work, and related therapies.

Counseling Degree Guide   
Information about degrees and jobs in counseling.

Religious Studies Degree
As a field, religious studies uses strong analytical and original thinking skills similar to other academic fields, including philosophy, psychology, history, sociology, and anthropology.

38 Religious Degree Jobs
By obtaining a religious degree, you can prepare yourself for a career in various types of jobs.

Experience Helping Humanity

The social impact field is always in need of changemakers. We have listed some international internship opportunities as well as non-profit and social science opportunities where you can apply your education before settling on a job. 


Internship Resources

Be sure to also check Handshake and LinkedIn on the main Find an Internship page. 

CDS International, Inc   
Summer internships for students in Germany, Spain, and Argentina.

Volunteers for Peace   
International volunteer positions; may be able to use these for internship placements (fee-based program).

Feminist Majority Foundation   
Internships in human rights and social policy. 

Human Rights Internships 
Human right internships in the U.S. and abroad. (Enter Centre for username and Colonels for password.) (Action Without Borders) 
Thousands of non-profit and social issues/policy internships in the U.S. and abroad. (Click on “internships” at the top.) 

Internships with Community and Social Service Agencies   
Internships listed by state. (Enter Centre for username and Colonels for password.)

National Mental Health Association   
Annual summer internships in communications, fundraising, policy, international, non-profit, and publication sales. 

Psychology Job & Internship Opportunities  
A blog for undergraduates and recent grads seeking full-time or summer employment. 

Shepherd Consortium Internship Program   
An eight-week internship with an agency working in a disadvantaged community. The agencies represent many fields of interest, including education, healthcare, legal services, housing, social and economic needs, and community-building efforts.   
Undergraduate internships in psychology.

Women’s Rights Internships   
Internships listed by state. (Enter Centre for username and Colonels for password.) 

National Science Foundation: REU Program   
Summer research opportunities in a wide range of areas with their research.

Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education   
Undergraduate science research internships across the nation.

Embark on Work that's Worth it

Below are resources for graduate school and jobs in Social Impact.  Education holds a lot of opportunities both at home and abroad. The nonprofit and social services categories hold world-changing opportunities as well.  

Graduate School and Job Searches

Graduate School Resources

Be sure to also check out Peterson's Graduate Schools and Programs on our Apply to Grad School page.

Ed.D. Program   
Information about Ed.D. options and programs.

Graduate Programs for Educators   
Explore over 200+ master’s, doctoral, and licensure programs to find the best one for you.

Master of Social Work   
Provides individuals interested in a career in social work with resources on graduate social work education, career paths, and licensing requirements.

Online MSW Programs   
Your guide to social work and online MSW programs.

Top Management Degrees   
Top 25 Master’s in Nonprofit Management degree programs.

2023-2024 Top Gender Studies Graduate Programs.

Employment Resources

Be sure to also check Handshake and LinkedIn on the main Find a Job.

Education America   
Lists tons of teaching jobs throughout the U.S. in public and private schools

Higher Education Recruitment Consortium 
Jobs in higher education.   
Search for jobs in post-secondary education in administration, student services, development, and more.

Independent Schools Association of Central States 
Search for positions in independent schools.

Kentucky Department of Education   
Find education positions in Kentucky.

MATCH Corp   
One year teaching positions in inner-city Boston. Don’t have to be an education major – this is much like the AmeriCorps program.

Large amount of teaching and administrative positions.

Southern Teachers Agency.   
Teaching opportunities in the Southeast in for both certified and non-certified teachers.

Teach for America   
Dedicated to serving under-resourced urban and rural public schools.

Teachers Support Network   
Search for teaching positions throughout the nation (you must register but registration is free).   
Free on-line teacher placement service (in partnership with the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education). 

The Chronicle of Higher Education 
Search for jobs in post-secondary education in administration, student services, development, and more.

The Education Group   
Placement service for teaching jobs in private schools. You must register but services are free.

National Council on Public History   
Numerous history positions listed by state (including a few overseas).

Your World. Your Chance to Make it Better. National community service opportunities with education stipend given.

New Vista   
Community mental health centers and programs located in central Kentucky.

Centerstone Kentucky   
Locate positions in community mental health services in Louisville, Kentucky.  
Thousands of non-profit opportunities in the U.S. and abroad.

Feminist Majority Foundation   
Jobs with non-profit employers working toward women’s advocacy.

National Nonprofits   
Job listings with non-profits.

Non-Profit Times Classifieds   
Employment marketplace for non-profit organizations.

Peace Corps   
Join the Peace Corps, the toughest job you’ll ever love.

Philanthropy Careers   
Non-profit newspaper filled with opportunities.

Psychology Job & Internship Opportunities   
A blog for undergraduates and recent grads seeking full-time or summer employment.

Social Work Jobs   
Find jobs for social workers in schools, medical settings, mental health agencies, private practices, and more.

The Impact Job 
Connecting talent to jobs in nonprofit, sustainability, and ESG (environmental, social and governance).

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services   
Job opportunities in all 12 organizations that make up the HHS.

Work for Good   
Welcome to a world of non-profit opportunities.

38 Religious Degree Jobs
By obtaining a religious degree, you can prepare yourself for a career in various types of jobs.

Christian Careers   
Find ministry and other church jobs, plus get career advice and information.

Church Jobs Online   
National job listings in numerous church-related professions.

Variety of positions in churches nationwide.

Youth Specialties 
 Find positions in youth ministry nationwide.

Teach Overseas 

Cultural Ambassadors: North American Language and Culture Assistants in Spain  
K-12 English and French language assistant positions in the Spanish public school system.

English First   
Teaching positions in China, Indonesia and Russia. Placement service that includes certification training.

English Open Doors Program   
Offers volunteer opportunities for English speakers to assist Chilean public school students with English language learning.

ESL Cafe   
Find English teaching positions in Korea and China. Also includes a wealth of information on ESL teaching overseas.

Explore Abroad   
Resources for ESL and TESOL positions in Asia, South America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Footprints Recruiting   
English teaching positions in Asia and Eastern Europe.

HESS Educational Organization   
Places college graduates in English teaching positions in Taiwan.

Opportunities for teaching English in Europe and Costa Rica.

International Schools Service   
Locate teaching and administrative positions in ISS schools around the world.

JET Programme   
One of the largest and most respected programs for students interested in teaching English in Japan.

Reach to Teach   
Free ESL teacher placement agency.

Search Associates   
Places teachers, administrators, and interns in international schools across the globe.

Teach Away   
Teaching positions in Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea and Italy.   
Teaching opportunities in a variety of countries. Also includes helpful information on teaching abroad.

Jobs in English teaching, communication technology, and environmental education in Asia, Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe.

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