Students standing in front of Shanghai skyline during the day

Study Abroad in China

Experience the "City of the Future". Shanghai, a thriving city of 24 million people, stands as the economic and commercial center for the entire Pacific Rim.

Shanghai’s stunning architecture alone has caused it to be known as the “City of the Future,” and its enormous environmental, economic, and social challenges and achievements are mirrored across China and around the world. There is a full schedule of excursions, events, and lectures designed to enhance understanding of China and the historical and modern influences that impact its culture and people. This includes a one-week period for individual travel within China or to explore the Shanghai region and attend classes in Chinese painting, calligraphy, cooking, Taiji or other martial arts.

Centre students at the Yun garden in Shanghai

Program Detail

Study in Shanghai

Based on student feedback and requests, Centre has teamed up with the Alliance for Global Education (IFSA-Butler), one of this country’s most respected and largest study-abroad organizations, to create a program in Shanghai specifically tailored to the needs of Centre students.

student at temple in Shanghai wearing Centre College backpack

Program Option


The Centre-in-China program offers an internship opportunity as part of the credit requirement. Students who choose not to participate can substitute electives. IFSA arranges internships in an area of your academic or professional interest: in Chinese, joint-venture, or foreign-owned companies; research institutes; NGO’s; media and art studios.

Program Highlights

The program sponsors a week-long field study trip to Southwestern China’s Yunan Province, including hiking in the famous mountainous areas, visiting small Yi and Miao minority villages, exploring the natural beauty of the Stone Forest and rain forest of Xishuangbanna. 

Students will live in two- or three-bedroom apartments a few minutes away from The Institute for Study Abroad(IFSA) headquarters. Each apartment has its own living/dining area, kitchen, and bath. Students will room with other American students and a Chinese student from a nearby university, increasing the likelihood of true cultural immersion.

IFSA headquarters are located in a safe, pleasant quarter of the city that features restaurants, small shops, street food, and recreational areas. A café with a patio where students often study is on the ground floor of the IFSA building. Across a small park is Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, whose cafeteria and other facilities are available for students’ use.

Courses And Cost

Students have the option of earning 12-15 Centre credit hours. All students take Chinese Society in the 21st Century (Sociology), for which they earn 3 credit hours. All students also take 6 credit hours of Mandarin language (8 contact hours, meeting two hours a day, four days a week). Students can then choose to complete an internship (3 hours) and/or an elective (each is 3 credit hours) from the following options:

ECON 360 – China: Economic Giant

INS 340 – Sino-U.S. Relations: Superpower and Realignment

POL 350 – Contemporary Chinese Politics: State, Party, People

ENS 385 – The City and the Environment

ARTH 260 – Survey of Art in China

ECON 371/FINC 370 – International Money and Finance (Prerequisites: ECO 110 and ECO 340)

 ECON 380 – International Trade: A Chinese Perspective (Prerequisite: ECO 110)

The estimated cost for each of these programs is the same as studying in Danville, plus a $400 non-refundable administrative deposit. Flights to and from the study site are also the responsibility of the student.