Students walking through Strasbourg historic buildings

Study Abroad in France

Study with Centre faculty and students in Strasbourg or among French students through a language immersion program in Nantes.

The Centre-in-Strasbourg program is led by Centre faculty and explores subjects of French culture, language, government, and social climate. Strasbourg is known as the “crossroads of Europe” for its central location, and is home to an ancient Gothic cathedral, European Parliament, Council of Europe, and Court of Human Rights.

The Université de Nantes program in Nantes is a collaborative program with Sewanee and the Institute for the International Education of Students’ Nantes-French Language Immersion & Area Studies Program. This program is a more in-depth French language experience with students living and learning among French students.

Students walking with professor in Strasbourg

Program Option


Located across the Rhine River from Germany, Strasbourg is about two hours from Paris, and one hour from Switzerland. Centre rents fully furnished apartments conveniently located near the Centre office and classroom. Homestays with local families are also an option for students with advanced language skills.

Park with older buildings, pond, trees, small bridge over pond in Nantes, France

Program Option


Improve your French language skills while studying and exploring all that Nantes has to offer. Located in northwestern France, this beautiful bike-friendly city is home to delicious food, rich culture, and the Université de Nantes where students study.