Group of Centre students sitting on lawn in Glasgow in front of historic building

Study Abroad in Scotland

Glasgow is a national cultural hub, where students delve into Scottish history, science, and the arts.

Known for its breathtaking Victorian architecture, thriving live-music scene, year-round festivals, parks, and renowned museums, Glasgow is Scotland’s second largest city and home to the Scottish Opera, Ballet, National Theatre, and acclaimed museums. You will study at the Principia Consortium at the University of Glasgow—an institution especially attractive to those interested in science or preparing for medical school, but open to all Centre students. You will have access to a wide array of courses, including the university’s top-rated art school. Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh, is 42 minutes away by train.

Program Highlights

All students take The Scottish Enlightenment, a course specifically designed for the American students who are part of the Principia program at the University. The course examines the major figures of this important period of Scottish history, with topics ranging from Adam Smith and economics to David Hume and philosophy to Lord Kelvin (William Thomson) and science.

One of the science courses Centre recommends is the functional anatomy course, open only to American students in Principia program. This human anatomy lecture/lab course enables students to work with plastinated human specimens. The course will be especially beneficial to pre-med students and biology majors, as it would fulfill a medical school prerequisite and/or a four-credit biology elective.

Students will live in University of Glasgow housing, which, although not directly on campus, is within walking distance. Students have several rooming options, depending on how much they’d like to spend for housing while in Glasgow.

Host Campus Information

To learn more about the University of Glasgow program, explore their Visiting Students page for details. For specific questions or additional information, contact the University of Glasgow visiting students team via email.

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