Study Away Programs

Washington D.C.

Partnering with Butler University, Centre sends students in the fall or spring to the nation's capital, where they complete internships and take courses that focus on the art and architecture of Washington and "Politics and Policy in our Nations Capital “. Typically, students work a regular workday (often 9 to 5) Mondays through Thursdays. For this, students receive six hours of internship credit. Occasionally, an internship will be paid, though students should not count on that, most internships are non-paid. 

Internship opportunities are available in a wide array of fields: students who have participated in the program have interned with the Speaker and Minority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives; ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News, and CNN; the Holocaust and Air and Space Museums; Amnesty International and the Organization of American States; more than 20 Senators from both parties; the United Nations Foundation; the Pentagon, State Department, and Agency for International Development; the National Rehabilitation Center; and many law firms, think tanks and advocacy groups.


All rising Centre juniors or seniors in good standing are invited to apply. Students can take part in both the Washington program and a long-term study abroad trip (as well as Centre-Term and summer study abroad programs). 


Students live in The Congressional on Capitol Hill in apartments that are fully furnished and include all utilities, Wi-Fi, kitchenware and cookware, central air, laundry facilities, and 24/7 security. No alcohol and no overnight guests are allowed. This ideal location is just across the street from the U.S. Supreme Court and a short subway ride away from all major residential, governmental, and commercial areas in and around Washington.


Internship Coordinator and Internship Placements: The DC internship coordinator will interview and work with each participant via phone, Skype, email, and/or in person to determine internships that best meet the academic and professional interests of the student and will assist with the application process for these internships if needs be. The coordinator's role is to suggest appropriate internship sites, assist students with their applications, and try to intervene to "boost" the student's chances, but students should note that neither the coordinator nor the Center for Global Citizenship can actually appoint internships. Internships are are worked through the CCPD and Sharon Duncan is the point of contact.  Fall program dates typically run from August to December and Spring program dates typically from January to April. Official program dates will be announced to students as they become available. Contact the Center for Global Citizenship for further details. Once the course is over in your D.C. program, students are NOT to return to campus until the following semester. Students at Centre are still in classes and your course has now ended so you may Not be housed on Centre's Campus for the remainder of that spring semester. 


Students pay a $375 non-refundable deposit plus their expenses of getting to Washington. Students on need-based financial aid with large gaps may qualify for some financial help from the Center for Global Citizenship. Participants will not pay the usual "board" fee (part of room-and-board) for the semester they're in D.C. and will instead use that money for their meals while there. 


Students take two three-credit courses: one in the "Art and Architecture of Washington" and the other called "The Congressional Experience: Policy Development and Strategic Engagement". These meet in the evenings, with field trips and other meetings on some weekends.

Normally, students also take three "Washington Weekend Seminars." These are one-hour, P/F courses on specific topics in and around Washington. They are taught by faculty members from Centre and Butler University who typically hold class Thursday evening with further discussion and site visits on Friday and Saturday (and sometimes on Sunday mornings). They have been very popular with students in the past, covering Political Polling, International Sports Marketing, the Federal War on Drugs, the Declaration of Independence, the History of the Holocaust Museum, the World after 9/11, US-Russian Relations, etc. Please note: Washington Weekend Seminars are suspended for Fall of 2022.

With the three weekend seminars and the 6-credit internship, students earn a total of 15 credit hours while in DC.

How to Apply

The application process is currently open and will close on February 16, 2023.  The $375 deposit will be due on March 29, 2023.   

New York City

Collaborating with Sewanee and Rhodes, Centre sends students in the fall to New York City, where they complete Internships and take courses that focus on New York Theater and New York and Its Peoples, Past and Present. The City of New York (usually referred to as New York City (NYC) or simply New York (NY)) is the most populous city in the United States. Our students will have a great opportunity to be a part of this cosmopolitan city while interning and studying, and enjoying all that New York has to offer. The internship is a significant part of the experience.  Internship opportunities exist in the areas of Finance, Fashion, Broadcasting, Theater, Public Relations, and Marketing, working with firms, museums and other cultural sites, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), or International organizations such as the United Nations. 


This Fall program typically starts with move-in in mid-August, followed by a two day orientation. Classes and internships begin immediately following orientation. The program typically ends in mid-December with move-out immediately following the end of the program. Contact the Center for Global Citizenship for further details.


The same as studying in Danville, plus a $375 deposit (surcharge/emergency fund/carbon offset) plus a $25 Travel Medicine fee for a total of $400 due March 29, 2023. Flights to the abroad/away site are also the responsibility of the student. All pre-departure meetings, including the travel medicine session and Title IV session will be held in the semester previous to this program start. these meetings are mandatory. If you have significant financial need, you may also qualify for additional funding from the Center for Global Citizenship.

Centre students will continue to pay their Centre tuition for their term abroad but will not be charged for room-and-board for that term; they will use their room-and-board money to help cover the cost of their airfare and the rental of an apartment. 


The students will stay at EHS Managed St. George Towers on Brooklyn Heights.  


New York Theater Experience: The building of a culture and a career. This class will highlight the personal, cultural, and professional value of theater through attending eight live performances at a variety of venues: including Broadway, the center of the global commercial theater world, New York’s Public Theater, the non- profit home where many great artists and new plays have been developed and nurtured, as well as others.

New York and Its Peoples, Past and Present:  In this course, students will explore the past and present of the city in light of its migrants  (primarily African American and Puerto Rican U.S. citizens) and immigrants from Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Asia. We’ll study how migrants and immigrants change New York City, how New York City changes them, and the enduring significance of ethnic diversity in the city’s politics and culture.  A significant aspect of the course will be fieldtrips and walking tours to diverse neighborhoods, museums, and other cultural visits.  

Students will have the opportunity to do a full-time Internship.

Deadlines & Requirements 

Applications are now open, and will close on February 16, 2023. A deposit of $375 and the $25 Travel Medicine fee for a total of $400 will be required to save your place on this course due by March 29, 2023. The student must be a Rising Junior or Rising Senior to qualify.

Apply online using Centre Online Forms for a 2023-24 abroad semester program. 


Lake Tahoe

The Tahoe Semester is a study-away environmental humanities program. Our students explore the question, “What is Nature?” through classroom learning and guided wilderness experiences like mountain biking, skiing, kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, and stand-up paddle boarding along the shores of Lake Tahoe.

Students take educational excursions to internationally recognized locations in California like Yosemite National Park and Morro Bay. The Tahoe Semester program is a remarkable educational opportunity that brings students and faculty together in a peaceful, natural setting to share classroom learning and wilderness experiences as a cohesive, intentional community.