Summer Internship Housing Resources

Multiple Cities

Find apartments (and even roommates) on and around college campuses.
An employer-sponsored site. Check with your summer internship employer to see if they participate!
Roommate matching service.

Student Rent
Find off-campus housing in a variety of cities.
Apartments and rooms available to sublet directly from the owners.


Summer Intern Housing Program
Affordable apartment rentals on the campus of Emory University.

Emory’s University’s Off-Campus Housing Finder
Locate summer housing around Atlanta.


Boston College
Summer sublet listings at Boston College.

Emmanuel College Summer Housing
Affordable summer housing for non-Emmanuel College interns on their campus.

Suffolk University
Summer housing for interns and others in the heart of Boston at Suffolk University.

Summer Housing at MIT
Summer housing available in MIT’s well-kept fraternity houses.


University of California—Irvine
Summer housing at Hotel UCI for non-UCI students.


The Buckingham
Apartment-style living for students in downtown Chicago.

Chicago Apartment Finders
Short-term apartment rentals (furnished) for summer interns right in the heart of Chicago.

Chicago Summer Intern Housing
Housing for any student interning in Chicago at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Just Passing Through
Month-to-month apartment rentals in Chicago.

Summer Intern Housing UIC
Furnished apartments for summer interns at University of Illinois—Chicago.

University Center Summer Housing
Summer housing in the heart of Chicago’s Educational Corridor.

Westside Rentals
Apartment rentals in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego.


Kentucky Kernel
University of Kentucky’s newspaper. (Click on PROPERTY FOR RENT.)

Lexington Relocation Services
One, two and three-bedroom fully-furnished apartments (includes utilities, cable, internet, washer/dryer, and weekly housekeeping.) Ask for special Centre Intern Rate!

Louisville Relocation Services
One, two and three-bedroom fully-furnished apartments (includes utilities, cable, internet, washer/dryer, & weekly housekeeping.) Ask for special Centre Intern Rate!

New York

Columbia University Summer Intern Housing
Summer internship housing for non-Columbia University students.

Educational Housing Services
Rated #1 for student housing in New York.

International House NY
Summer Housing for interns and graduate students.

New York University Summer Housing
Summer student housing at New York University.

School of Visual Arts
Summer housing for interns at the School of Visual Arts.

The New School Summer Housing
Summer housing in Manhattan.

Y2 Residence
Housing for college students and student interns at the 92nd Street YMCA.

Washington D.C.

Catholic University of America
Summer housing on-campus for students participating in internships, research, or studies in D.C.

George Mason University
Internship housing at the Fairfax, Virginia campus.

George Washington University
On-campus summer housing for individuals and groups.

Georgetown University Summer Housing
On-campus internship housing.

The International Student House
Temporary housing for international students in D.C. (rates include daily breakfasts and dinners).

Washington Intern Student Housing
Internship housing for students doing summer internships on Capitol Hill.