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John Kinkade

Professor of English • Brown Fellows Campus Coordinator

Offices & Programs


BA: English and government, Centre College

MA: English literature,University of Texas at Austin

PhD: English literature, University of Texas at Austin


John Kinkade joined Centre’s faculty in 2006.

Kinkade worked with the Kentucky Governor’s Scholars Program for almost two decades in multiple roles, including as a faculty member, as associate campus director, and, for four years, as campus director. Additionally, he served as the campus liaison for the Program for three summers.


Kinkade is a highly regarded teacher who draws out the best in his students. His courses are rigorous, but his uniquely engaging style keeps students wanting to reach his high standards. Their appreciation for improved writing skills is especially noteworthy, as is their newfound (or rediscovered) love of the humanities.


Kinkade has had multiple presentations and publications, and his most recent article, “Sympathetic Education in Anne of Green Gables,” appears in the Kentucky Philological Review.


In 2012 he received a Kirk Award for Excellence in Teaching. In 2010, he was named a Centre Scholar.

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