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Philip Limerick

Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish

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BA in Spanish from Indiana University of Pennsylvania
MA in Romance language with a Spanish linguistics Concentration
PhD in Romance Language with a Hispanic Linguistics Concentration
from The University of Georgia


Philip Limerick joined the faculty at Centre College in 2021 as Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish. Limerick’s research interests include language variation and change, sociolinguistics, critical discourse analysis, and pragmatics, and his current projects involve the analysis of structural variation in Spanish spoken in Georgia as well as the critical analysis of discourse and (anti-)racism in Uruguay.

  • Limerick, Philip P. Forthcoming. Discourses of anti-racism in Afro-Uruguay: A Black feminist perspective. Hispania.
  • Limerick, Philip P. & Sarah Koch. Forthcoming. Funciones emergentes de ahí como marcador discursivo: un estudio de caso. Oralia: Análisis del Discurso Oral.
  • Limerick, Philip P. Forthcoming. Anti-racism, Black feminism, and protesting discourses. In
    Handbook of the Sociolinguistics of Protesting, ed. by Ashraf Abdelhay, Sinfree Makoni, and Christine Sovero. De Gruyter Mouton. 
  • Limerick, Philip P. 2024. Outlier speakers and apparent effects: The case of variable subject placement in Spanish. International Journal of Bilingualism 0.0.
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  • SPA 110: Fundamentals I
  • SPA 120: Fundamentals II
  • SPA 220: Intermediate II
  • SPA 255: Hispanic Linguistics
  • SPA 291: Spanish in the United States
  • LIN 210: Introduction to Linguistics

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