Man with ponytail wearing black and white stripe shirt sitting playing drum set

Tripp Bratton

Instructor of African Drums, Director of the Rhythm Fusion Ensemble, Director of the African Drum Ensemble

Offices & Programs


Percussionist Tripp Britton is a Lexington-based performer, composer, and producer who is an adjunct percussion instructor and director of the Rhythm Fusion Ensemble at Centre Collge, and a lecturer of percussion and director of the African-Latin Percussion and Contemporary Percussion (Fusion) ensembles at Berea College. He also serves as director, composer, and arranger for the award-winning March Madness Marching Band, and music director for the Rakadu Gypsy Dance and Sabi Diri sbi multicultural dance troupes. Additionally, he founded and directs One Circle Productions, which facilitates collaboration between musicians, dancers, theatrical producers, and videographers.

Bratton’s performing, producing, and recording career spans over 100 CDs/albums, and numerous TV, radio, and concert appearances. His resume includes percussion work for legendary rock producer Chris Kimsey (The Rolling Stones, Jimmy Cliff); co-producing, recording, and performing with Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Bernie Worrell (Parliament-Funkadelic, Talking Heads); and recording with Grammy Award winner Bela Fleck. He has performed with Ghanaian master drummer Gideon Alorwoyie and his Afrikania Cultural Troupe, including a special 1993 Chicago performance for Nelson Mandela. He has also been involved with Catawampus Universe and the Lexington Philharmonic Orchestra. Other performances and studies have taken him abroad to Ghana and Suriname.