Career Advocates

Put the power of the Centre Alumni network to work.

Former students helping current students succeed is the heart of the Centre Experience.

Career Advocates are alumni actively committed to helping launch careers. Networking is one of the most effective ways to make job hunters stand out in the marketplace.

Centre Career Advocates:

  • Provide inside advice on how to prepare and succeed in their specific field
  • Share first-hand tips on interviewing or preparing grad-school applications
  • And much more!

Connect with a Career Advocate

If you’d like to connect with the Career Advocates, make an appointment with your Career Coach in the CCPD. You don't have contact just one Advocate. Explore different fields. Your Career Coach will provide contact info and walk you through how to connect with them.

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What Students Are Saying

Suzanne Bicksler headshot

Suzanne Bicksler, class of 2025

My Career Advocate helped me prepare for an interview and gave me inside knowledge about the company’s needs which made the process simpler.

Joseph Falcon headshot

Joseph Falcon, class of 2024

Career Advocates provide real, in-person connections that are guiding me into securing internships and mentoring for getting that first job.

Caroline Schoenig headshot at Louisville Zoo

Caroline Schoenig, class of 2024

My Career Advocate provided in-depth knowledge about her job and company. So much so, that I now work at her company as a consultant.

Become a Career Advocate

We know alumni are proud of their Centre Experience and want to pay it forward. Centre students can use your expertise. Sign up now!

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Making connections through the career advocate program can help open doors to opportunities that you may not have known existed. These type of connections have made a huge impact for me personally throughout my career. As a career advocate for Centre, I really enjoy helping students as they begin the journey to finding a career pathway that aligns with their interests, talents and passion.

Dr. Abby Winterberg-Hess '05

Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Researcher, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Dr. Abby Winter-Hess headshot

I always enjoy the opportunity to lend a hand to a fellow Centre Colonel. I know that I'm going to be connecting someone from my network with a bright, articulate, and thoughtful person. Centre continues to equip students with the same gifts that have stood me in good stead throughout my career. There's just no substitute for strong critical thinking skills grounded in a world view that encourages optimism and service to others.

Robertson Nash '83

Director, HIV Program, Tennessee Department of Health

Robertson Nash headshot