The engineering minor allows students to explore the field of engineering from a liberal arts perspective and serves as a complement to the dual-degree program.


The engineering minor allows students majoring in any field at Centre to learn what engineering is and get a foundation in engineering, math, and science that will prepare them for a career in engineering or graduate study in an engineering field. The dual degree engineering program enables students to receive two undergraduate degrees, one from Centre and one from one of our partner engineering schools – University of Kentucky and Washington University in St. Louis.

For both the minor and the dual degree program, students take a wide variety of math, physics, chemistry, and other scientific courses. The critical thinking and analysis skills taught in these courses, combined with the communication skills, exposure to diversity and sustainability, and other liberal arts value embedded in Centre’s curriculum, will prepare students for a variety of future paths including pursuing careers at engineering companies and graduate study in an engineering field. Centre has a long history of students attending top graduate programs in engineering. 


The engineering minor at Centre consists of ten courses, including core classes in engineering, math, physics, and chemistry and an elective course option that can be fulfilled by a wide variety of classes in many fields.

The dual degree program has significant overlap with the minor curriculum but includes specific course requirements from the partner engineering universities that depend on the engineering field of interest. Students in the dual degree program must also be pursuing a major at Centre in chemistry, mathematics, biology, computer science, environmental studies, or physics, while students in any major can participate in the engineering minor.

Engineering Minor Requirements

Students participating in Centre Compass Program

Dual-Degree Engineering

Centre has cooperative dual-degree agreements with two engineering schools: Washington University—St. Louis and the University of Kentucky. After three years at Centre, students transfer to the dual-degree institution and complete their studies, usually in two years. Upon successful completion, degrees are awarded from both Centre and the engineering school.

Engineering Faculty

lady with short brown hair wearing blue top in front of student center

Emily Crabb

  • Assistant Professor of Physics
  • Dual-Degree Engineering Program Advisor
Man with dark hair wearing blue button up in front of dark background

Bruce Rodenborn

  • Associate Professor of Physics • Chair of Physics and Chemical Physics Programs

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