Students observing behaviors of Green Tree Monkeys in Barbados


Psychology students are provided a thorough background in the basic concepts, theories, and experimental findings in psychology, and a well-developed set of research skills and experience in thinking creatively and critically about the world using the information they have learned.


The Psychology Program assists students as they develop a thorough understanding of key ideas, works, persons, events, and issues within the discipline of psychology. Students enhance their understanding of scientific psychology by developing their research skills in a variety of settings ranging from laboratory to independent field research projects. In addition, students enrich their understanding of applied psychology through internships and course work. Finally, students strengthen and diversify their critical and creative thinking skills and their multidimensional communication skills in each of the above contexts.

In addition, the program seeks to provide students with the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the scientific enterprise as undergraduates through their own research. The program provides students with a fine background for advanced training and work in both applied and scientific research areas.

Your Major Took You Where?

Psychology majors have gone on to a variety of graduate programs and careers.


  • City of Greenville – Mayor’s Office
  • Nationwide Children’s Hospital
  • Rolling Hills Hospital
  • University of Kentucky Hospital
  • VNA Care and Hospice

Postgraduate Study

  • Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences (M.S.N., nursing)
  • Spalding University (Psy.D., clinical psychology)
  • University of Denver (M.A., sport & performance psychology )
  • University of Kentucky (M.S.W., social work)
  • Vanderbilt University (M.S.N., women’s health)


Psychology majors begin learning the fundamentals in courses such as Introduction to Psychology and Introduction to Research Methods. They continue in developmental, social, and abnormal psychology, as well as cognition, learning, and behavioral neuroscience. Upper-level courses including Personality, Motivation & Emotion, Psychology of Women, Cultural Psychology, Race & Ethnicity, and Health Psychology. Completion of the major includes participation in a capstone experience, either through a senior seminar course or collaborating with a faculty member to complete an advanced research project.

Major Requirements

Minor Requirements

Experiential Learning

Students engage in hands-on learning experiences and reflection to develop skills and increase knowledge retention.

Student projects have been presented at professional meetings and/or published in professional journals, and many have won undergraduate research awards. Psychology students have also participated in primate research in Barbados, and studied the roots of mindfulness in Japan as part of the Centre study abroad program.


We're committed to helping students find quality internship experiences in the career area of their choice.

students participate in internships at sites in the surrounding community, at other academic institutions, and around the world including a stroke rehab unit, orthopedics & sports medicine practices, elementary schools, and with physical therapists.


Our extraordinary liberal arts and sciences education prepares students for meaningful lives and careers.

Psychology majors have pursued a variety of careers including clinical psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, occupational therapy, nursing, speech therapy, human-computer interaction, business, and law.

Psychology Faculty

Brian Cusato headshot

Brian Cusato

  • Director of Centre Learning Commons and Assistant Dean
  • ADA Coordinator
  • Academic and Disability Services
Aaron Godlaski headshot

Aaron J. Godlaski

  • Associate Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience • Dental School Advisor
  • Pre-dentistry
  • Health Professions
Jennifer Goetz faculty member

Jennifer Goetz

  • Marlene and David Grissom Associate Professor of Psychology

Mary Gulley

  • Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs
  • Director of Student Academic Support
  • Assistant Professor of Psychology
  • Title IX Team Member
Drew Morris headshot

Drew Morris

  • Assistant Professor of Psychology • Optometry School Advisor • Speech-Language Pathology Advisor
Jan Wertz headshot

Jan Wertz

  • Professor of Psychology • Chair of the Psychology Program

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