Grissom Scholars Program

Recognizing Character, Achievement, and Leadership Potential

Offering first-generation college students a full-tuition scholarship valued at more than $200,000 over four years, the Grissom Scholars Program accepts students with proven academic achievement, strong character, and exceptional potential for leadership and participation in the life of the College.

Available to first-year students, the Grissom Scholars Program offers 10 high achieving first-generation college students a full-tuition scholarship and $5,000 in educational enrichment funds.

Grissom Scholars at Centre College

What is a Grissom Scholar

Meet the two Grissom Scholars from the Class of 2023, as they share how they felt when they were awarded the scholarship and relate their Centre Experience as members of this unique group.

What Do Grissom Scholars Receive? 

Ten Grissom Scholars are selected from each entering first-year class. Students who are financially eligible will receive additional aid to cover the cost of room and board. 

Each Grissom Scholar receives personal guidance and ongoing mentoring from the program staff as well as an upperclass student in the program. Grissom Scholars benefit from individualized programming to help ensure ongoing success at Centre College. $5,000 in enrichment funds enable each Grissom Scholar to pursue special opportunities such as study abroad, independent research, and academic internships. In the summer before their first year at Centre, Grissom Scholars participate in an orientation program focused on personal growth and team-building. 

The scholarship and enrichment program includes: 
  • Four-year, full-tuition scholarship, plus additional aid to cover any remaining financial need 
  • $5,000 in educational enrichment funds to use for opportunities such as conferences, internships, and study abroad/away.
  • Up to $1,500 reimbursement in travel expenses in their first year 
  • On-campus leadership and personal enrichment programming 
  • Individual mentoring from the program staff as well as an upper-class student 
  • Regular group activities with other Grissom Scholars  

Who is Considered? 

  1. All first-generation college students who apply for admission by January 15 will be considered automatically for the Grissom Scholars program. We use the Common Application exclusively, and there is no fee to apply. There is no additional application for the Grissom Scholars Program. 

Common Application 

  1. Applicants will be notified of their status in March.

Selection Process 

Grissom Scholars are required to be first-generation college students, meaning their parents or guardians have not completed a four-year college degree. The program is intended for first-year students who reside in the United States or US citizens who are in high school abroad and who have limited financial resources. 

Competitive candidates will also demonstrate: 
  • Proven dedication to high academic achievement 
  • Strong character and leadership potential 
  • Persistence and motivation to achieve goals 
  • Creative problem solving and innovation 
  • Significant past involvement in extracurricular activities, such as the arts, community life, service, and paid or unpaid work 
  • The ambition and intellectual curiosity necessary to succeed in a rigorous academic environment. A student will demonstrate high academic achievement in challenging high school coursework, and be a contributor to their school or local community. 


Although a scholarship nomination is not required, the admission office welcomes nominations to help us identify and learn more about potential scholarship candidates. A nomination can be completed by a school counselor, core-course teacher, community-based organization liaison, employer, or independent college counselor. The priority deadline for nominations is December 15, but we accept nominations through January 15. 

Scholarship Nomination Form

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