The Ed Johnson Project: The Conversation Continues

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Federal District Judge Curtis Collier and Donivan Brown of Chattanooga have agreed to deliver this presentation at Centre at a mutually agreeable time.  The presentation concerns a story of racial division, legal responses that involve Centre alum Justice John Marshall Harlan, and the ongoing process of racial reconciliation in Chattanooga. The presenters were deeply involved in a successful monument project remembering and teaching these events. A studio-produced version of the presentation is linked below. We anticipate a panel presentation, potentially involving past Harlan speaker Peter Canellos.

See the Chattanooga memorial

Watch a studio-produced version ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Content Advisory: The convocation will consider, among other things, a racially charged lynching that followed allegations of sexual assault in the aftermath of the Civil War and Reconstruction. These topics may be distressing for some. This advisory is provided to foster an informed decision and is not intended to discourage attendance.

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